Asavie’s service platform enables Carriers and the M2M ecosystem to rapidly deliver new solutions to their clients


Simplifying Delivery

Cloud-based platform ensuring simple and rapid delivery of New Solutions to your clients across all market sectors


Put Clients in Control

Provide the tools to enable clients to be self-sufficient managing and supporting their devices and setup


Future Proofed Design

Remove risk in your customer’s solution with a flexible platform that support the markets ever-changing needs


Completely On-Demand

The only network-as-a-service platform that delivers more capacity on-demand to you and your clients

Deliver New Services Faster

Avoid lengthy lead times scoping and qualifying new service platforms. Asavie’s proven Platform-as-a-Service model eliminates the time, cost and risk for Carriers establishing, selling and operating a high-value service. Asavie’s purpose built cloud platform can be delivered to individual requirements in weeks, enabling our partners to realise new value added services quicker and more cost effectively time and time again.


Support Millions of New Subscribers

Asavie’s platform is designed to serve tens of thousands of customers over a single platform and is scalable to millions of users, so that carriers can add additional clients without scaling the service platform. This design ensures maximum efficiency of the service delivered to your clients and optimises the on-going client experience.

Deliver the Complete Solution

Asavie expands carrier portfolios by providing new, customer-centric services that move the Carrier up the applications value chain. Combining Asavie’s services with existing data solutions empowers the Carrier to better control the customer experience from concept to full deployment and remove third party risk by delivering the end-to-end solution.


Generate New Revenue Lines

Asavie works with the world’s leading fixed and mobile Carriers delivering innovative solutions that exceed customers’ ever-increasing expectations and drive greater revenue opportunities across multiple markets. Asavie’s service platform is designed to speed delivery of new revenue generating ‘Over-The-Top’ services that can be customised and branded to specific market and sector requirements.

Accelerate Your Time To Market

Asavie’s platform enables mobile Carriers and hardware manufacturers to rapidly deliver new services by leveraging existing platform capabilities. Emerging markets can be tested without the typical challenges of bringing new products to market and the Platform-as-a-Service approach ensures our partners are more responsive to changing market conditions, and new enterprise connectivity and M2M products can become a reality faster and more cost effectively.


The Platform Carriers and Partners Select

Effectively connecting people, places and devices is vital to success for Carriers and the M2M ecosystem. Asavie has been working with global  Carriers and partners for many years to deliver robust solutions that enable companies such as AT&T, Telefonica and Vodafone to repeatedly launch new services into new markets. Being more responsive to developing market trends and new technologies ensures our partners build and maintain a competitive advantage.

What Our Clients Say About Us


Asavie’s service platform enables AT&T to engage beyond mobile with their business clients and deliver business connectivity services to make their clients more effective.


Asavie’s service platform powers a range of business services for Vodafone’s corporate clients that are rapidly delivered to meet their current and future solution requirements.


Asavie enables Telefonica to develop new services and sell into new markets that would traditionally have been lost to competitors.


In the professional services environment what counts most is secure reliable access. Asavie’s cloud platform delivers this in a standard format across a wide range of smart devices and tablets.


To empower our representatives with such simplicity speaks volumes for the solution. Individual application Security & Access Control was a key pre-requisite which Asavie also addressed.


Asavie’s Remote Access solutions are easy to setup, simple to use and keep our people connected. Most importantly this is all while keeping my team in control and keeping me in control of my team.