Enterprise Mobility Management

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Asavie connects your mobile workers wherever they are. Whether they are working from home; in a coffee shop; on a client site; or in another country, rest assured your employees can be productive, and connect securely to the right information without driving up mobile data costs.

Unlike more cumbersome traditional enterprise mobility management (EMM) systems the Asavie EMM offering leverages the cloud, is elastic, on-demand and works across different cellular networks globally. Built on the Asavie PassBridge ™ (link) platform our EMM offering ensures companies are well equipped to manage their mobile assets without compromising security or paying excessive charges.

Get your mobility strategy right

Because more flexible “anytime, anywhere” working comes at a high price, if you get it wrong,  you risk exposing your organization to security threats and excessive data costs.


Billion malicious requests happen monthly


% of IT leaders believe the risk of data breaches has increased because of mobile device usage


% of companies have experienced bill shock from excessive mobile data costs

A solution for businesses of all sizes

We secure and manage your mobile data and provide complete control over the type and amount of mobile data that a business consumes. Our EMM solution can be used in a variety of ways, depending on the size and complexity of your organization:

As an add on to your existing EMM solution to extend to new data streams

As a service from mobile operators

As a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution with essential features for smaller firms


Remote Access

Enable employees to access work information, apps and systems from anywhere. The same office security policies can apply on any smartphones, tablets, and laptops.


Data Controls

Put an end to excessive web usage by setting policies for employees, restricting access to websites that use up valuable data and distract them from getting on with their jobs.



Keep your business information secure by accessing information over a private network. Remotely locate, lock and wipe data from mobile devices

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An Enterprise Guide to Effectively Managing and Controlling Mobile Data Usage

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Read about the Asavie Moda Cloud service that secures your mobile workforce and controls mobile data costs for your business

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