One Platform, Unlimited Solutions

Asavie’s turn-key mobility platform allows Carriers and their partners to develop new revenue streams that are aligned to the Carrier’s mobile data services. This unique solution repositions our partners’ mobility data capability from delivering components of the client’s solutions to a single source end-to-end solution provider. Our partners chose our service platform, PassBridge™, to power their business solutions because of its simplicity, reliability and its ability to adapt to the needs of their customers. With one unified platform that delivers multiple, complementary solutions from a single easy-to-integrate service our partners drive greater adoption and competitiveness of their products across all business sectors.

Service Platform – One Platform, Unlimited Mobility Solutions

Launched in 2004, Asavie’s patented service platform, PassBridge, was the first beyond the data centre Software Defined Network (SDN) platform. PassBridge SDN is a cloud hosted connectivity platform designed to meet the ever-changing and demanding needs of the Carriers’ business customer.

PassBridge exposes an extensive range of capabilities to the Carrier and M2M ecosystem that deliver flexible, scalable, end-to-end connectivity and management of globally distributed systems and devices in key markets such as Internet of things/M2M, flexible WAN services, enterprise mobility and data liability control.

Our service platform can be delivered as a white label service tailored to specific partner or market requirements.

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M2M Connect – Machine-to-Machine Simplified

M2M Connect is a machine-to-machine network platform that enables Carriers to service customers of all sizes with M2M and connected device needs quickly and cost-effectively.  M2M Connect redefines the Carrier M2M value proposition from largely consultancy led higher volume, lower margin opportunities that stifle demonstration of capability for the Carrier and speed to market for the client.

M2M Connect enables cloud speed solution delivery positioning the Carrier or partner for immediate success and future growth. This is accomplished by automating private network setup and delivering an intuitive web management dashboard keeping the end user always in control.

M2M Connect is delivered as a white labelled service integrating with existing Operator SIM estate management platforms.

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Enterprise WAN – Flexible WAN Connectivity

Unlock the potential of high speed mobile and fixed networks by delivering high performance and reliable WAN connectivity anytime, anyplace and anywhere (the Martini approach!).

Whether the requirement is for primary or back-up connectivity from permanent or temporary sites Enterprise WAN is a wide area networking service which removes the reliance on custom interconnects that have protracted delivery lead times and are fixed to specific locations for the duration of the contract.

Enterprise WAN enables Carriers to go beyond traditional voice and data communications, maximising the revenue potential of the business market and delivering a range of smart pipe solutions to its business customers.

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Enterprise Mobility – Productivity on the Move

As business customers push for increased productivity, particularly with powerful enterprise ready smartphones and tablets that are 4G and WiFi enabled, Carriers and their channel partners are becoming a key provider when their customers source Enterprise Mobility solutions that enable these devices to securely access corporate information on the move. These solutions need enterprise grade security, flexibility to work across a range of devices and be delivered quickly and easily without site visits or infrastructure overhauls.

Asavie Enterprise Mobility makes it simple and affordable for Carriers to offer solutions that unlock end user business productivity by capitalising on advancements in wireless technology, while keeping pace with the quickly evolving mobile marketplace. Asavie draws on its extensive expertise and best practices in every aspect of platform design and service integration to deliver a feature rich solution enabling bundled services for smartphone, tablets, cellular/MiFi devices and laptops to be launched quickly.

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