Carrier-powered Enterprise Mobility Solutions

A single platform for mobile access to business systems. Compatible with all mobile eco-systems, Enterprise Mobility drives a carrier up the value chain, bundling value added services to deepen the relationship. Defend enterprise data revenue from commoditization by offering innovative access solutions. Drive enterprise loyalty without the costs typically associated with IT project involvement.

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OTT service

Over-The-Top (OTT) services for smartphones, tablets and USB modems. Delivers complete service as a solution for large and small screen devices, across all operating systems. Ensure that your customers, large or small, have the best mobile remote access – this drives data adoption and ensure the very best customer experience.


Enterprise-Class Security

Bundles PKI and RADIUS to create an integrated, turn-key solution that meets the security requirements of even the most demanding Enterprise customers. Asavie services have been deployed by global carriers and we are proud to operate services on behalf of some of the biggest mobile brands.


Single Pane of Management and Reporting

A branded administration portal that enables single point of contact and end customer self service capabilities. Customers get better visibility and carrier lowers support overhead.


Simple Solution with Added Value

Deepen the relationship with your customers by adding value to your services, take the first step to evolve your business today contact Asavie.

end-to-end solution
complete VPN
simple solution

Deliver Complete VPN

Delivers complete VPN for large and small screen devices as a service. Ends dependency on hardware prerequisites or field engineering.


White Label Solutions

Carrier branded and billed – white label service to differentiate commodity data offerings and complement other value added services propositions. The services can be sold separately or as part of a bundled business plan.


Scaleability Simplified

One unified solution that addresses SMB-to-Enterprise – scales up or down with a simple charging model and no hardware costs. The service is delivered via a series of regional centers allowing local or global deployments.