Asavie’s Platform Drives Carrier Service Excellence

Asavie’s proven Platform-as-a-Service model eliminates the time, cost and risk for carriers establishing, selling and operating a high-value service. The platform accelerates the time to market and removes risks of developing new platforms by leveraging capability from our existing platform, PassBridge™. Powering solutions for some of the world’s largest Telecoms providers, PassBridge differentiates carrier data offerings and offers rapidly deployed solutions to customer networking needs.

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Accelerated Time to Market

Asavie have taken development cycles from years to just weeks. Asavie’s partners benefit from the Platform-as-a-Service model which avoids the traditional approach of defining, designing, developing and delivering new products.  Asavie’s On-Demand approach is more responsive to new market opportunities and enables our partners to launch new products faster and more cost effectively. Furthermore, with our continual investment in improving the platform, our partners and their customers automatically benefit from our constant innovation.


Easy to Integrate

PassBridge has been integrated with the world’s leading Carriers. The solution is designed to accommodate the most complex billing and customer care systems offering a flexible path to full integration with the Carrier’s systems and the highest quality of experience for the Carrier’s customers. Once delivered, PassBridge-powered solutions are capable of being deployed from a website, minimising the impact on the Carrier’s helpdesks and optimising the end-customer experience. This translates into shortened sales cycles, immediate fulfilment and zero acquisition costs.




Scalable to Millions of Subscribers

PassBridge has been designed to provide the flexibility to expand and scale in accordance with carrier needs, On-Demand. Asavie’s cloud platform is scalable to millions of subscribers and is built for Carrier class reliability and exceptional quality of experience for Carriers and subscribers. Each service provider has the assurance that they can keep pace with growth and unique needs of their customers without additional investment in infrastructure.


The Solution that eliminates time, cost and risk to add value to your business

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Additional Revenue

Move Up the Value Chain

Carriers are increasingly moving beyond commoditised services and into longer term partnerships with their customers. The opportunity to differentiate offerings with commoditised hardware and easily replicable airtime contracts has diminished. Carriers are now focusing on Service; exceptional customer service and Over-The-Top services. PassBridge leverages Carrier administrative and technical strengths to deliver value added services that engage beyond mobile with their business clients and deliver business connectivity services to make their clients more effective.


Deliver New Revenue Lines

Asavie works with the world’s leading fixed and mobile Carriers delivering innovative solutions that exceed customers’ ever-increasing expectations and drive greater revenue opportunities across multiple markets. Asavie’s PassBridge is designed to speed delivery of new revenue generating ‘Over-The-Top’ services that are incorporated into the customer’s tariffs for unified billing. By tapping into current customers’ requirements Carriers are enabled to offer complementary services, creating additional revenue from their current market.


Proven Reliability

Service availability is integral to the PassBridge platform, and Asavie uses the latest technical advances and best practices to deliver the most reliable wholesale solution.
– 10 years of service operation across multiple datacentres
– Highly available and redundant network elements and servers
– Designed with capacity to handle individual failures
– Redundant Internet connections and carrier connections
– Redundant and highly resilient Tier 4 data centres; Carrier Neutral, Redundant grid connection, Multi-layered physical security.