10 tips to help Telcos win and retain small and medium businesses

Octavio Hernandez

What are you doing to win and retain small and medium businesses (SMB)?

Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) need to provide a range of features and functionality that help them win and retain Small and medium businesses. These solutions need to directly address SMBs day-to-day challenges of security, productivity and control.


Here are 10 tips to help you on your journey.

  1. Protect against malware

Despite the rise in high-profile mobile malware attacks, anti-malware adoption continues to remain flat with a global adoption rate of less than 5 per cent[1]. Protecting against malware on mobile devices should be a top priority for businesses of all size.

MNO Action – make sure SMEs can buy simple security services from you.Asavie Mobile firewall

  1. Secure lost devices

Smartphones and tablets storing corporate data present a security risk. In Europe that will increase when the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) comes into force in 2018. MNOs could help password protect, remotely lock and wipe devices and sell more COPE (Company-Owned Personal Enabled) devices, rather than BYOD (Bring Your Own device).

MNO Action – leverage your dominant security position.

  1. Control app usage

App store downloads reached over 90 billion in 2016 and total time spent using them increased to nearly 900 billion hours[2]. MNOs could provide tools to set usage policies and manage them through a single web interface.

MNO Action – Give your business customers the control they need around app usage  

  1. Control costs and avoid bill shock

Unexpected costs caused by exceeding data download limits and roaming charges are a challenge for any business that depends on predictable costs. MNOs can put an end to the biggest cause of bill shock, employees accessing non-work related mobile data[3], by giving more control over data usage through a self-service portal.

MNO Action – Give your business customers control of their data usage.

  1. Avoid excessive administration

MDM tools and EMM solutions are great for larger enterprises that have the internal IT resources to manage them. For SMEs, a self-service, cloud-based solution provided by the MNO makes more sense, with no upfront investment costs and free support services that remove the management/maintenance burden.

MNO Action – avoid fielding solutions that need consultative selling and ongoing training.

  1. Throttle speeds and restrict accessAsavie control

The perfect balance is to allow employees some personal usage while retaining ultimate control. As users near their data download limit, MNOs could give firms the option of throttling speeds to non-work related sites and apps, or blocking access completely on a site-by-site basis.

MNO Action – don’t force businesses to go the ever-faster, ever-cheaper consumer route.

  1. Control when users can access mobile data.

A business needs to continually balance the businesses needs against their employees use of mobile data. A more open approach to personal data use can promote a better working environment leading to increased productivity. However, there comes a point where business data must be prioritized over personal usage. Make sure your businesses can set this threshold as it needs.

MNO Action – Set usage policies and thresholds to suit SME staff

  1. Set mobile data usage policies

Not all people are the same, but controlling different access levels can be complicated. With a self-service portal and SIM-based control, the MNO enables firms to set different policies for different employees and groups.

MNO Action – make your network the one that’s ‘fit for business’.

  1. Secure Wi-Fi access

MNOs can improve Wi-Fi security and improve productivity by applying policies and securing devices when connected to public Wi-Fi.

MNO Action – Secure multiple networks including cellular and Wi-Fi. Asavie WiFi Protect

  1. Make mobile more strategic

It’s hard to plan a mobile strategy if the business is always having to justify their monthly mobility spend. The MNO Managed Service would turn real-time visibility of data usage into valuable insights which determine the best mobile strategy going.

MNO Action – ownership of the network has its privileges; use them! 


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