Enterprise WAN is Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) wide area networking solution that provides full WAN connectivity over any mobile or fixed data bearer. Asavie powered WAN services deliver a cost-effective, rapidly deployed connectivity solution for Carriers to take advantage of the shift towards flexible WAN connectivity. Leveraging our software defined WAN technology and international mobile interconnects, Carriers can deliver a truly scalable WAN solution that takes advantage of their mobile data footprint. Temporary sites, retail units, frictionless pop-up stores, portacabins and challenging remote sites can now be networked in minutes without the usual challenges when connecting via dedicated fixed lines.

Develop New Markets

Cellular WAN allows our customers to unlock the potential of the Carriers high speed mobile networks by delivering high performance and reliable WAN connectivity anytime, anyplace and anywhere. Whether the requirement is for primary or back-up connectivity from permanent or temporary sites Asavie’s service is a wide area networking service that can be delivered quickly and cost effectively by Carriers everywhere.

The Flexible WAN

Traditional WAN services are defined by long contacts for fixed locations with lengthy setup times. Solutions designed around Asavie’s WAN service are portable and immediate – a site infrastructure can be picked up and moved without any contract implications or overlapping costs. This makes Asavie’s WAN solution an ideal ‘first response’ for temporary sites, trial or franchise locations where lead times to on-boarding can be minimised, and the Carrier can broaden their customer engagement.

Get your mobility strategy right

Because more flexible “anytime, anywhere” working comes at a high price, if you get it wrong,  you risk exposing your organization to security threats and excessive data costs.


3.4 Billion The number of malicious requests that happen monthly


95% of IT leaders believe the risk of data breaches has increased because corporate data resides on or can be accessed by mobile devices


25 % The number of companies that experienced bill shock from domestic use of mobile data.

Complement Fixed Access

For Carriers with ‘multi-play’ network offerings WAN backup and rapidly deployment WAN solutions are essential capabilities that can be delivered with a standard mobile data SIM.  The PassBridge® core provides a layer of routing and IP control not typically available to the Carrier’s customer when connecting from a SIM card. This flexibility resolves issue with NAT, port-forwarding and Dynamic IP challenges and makes an otherwise difficult solution to design and integrate into a plug and play solution for any customer of any size.

Utilise Standard Hardware

Asavie’s Enterprise WAN service is designed to work with any industry standard 3G or LTE (4G) enabled router and SIM. Whether the Carrier or end customer has a preferred device, Asavie has extensive experience working with leading router manufacturers, such as CradlePoint, to deliver off-the-shelf systems to small, medium and large clients.

Unlimited Uses

Flexibility and rapid deployment positions the Carrier to explore new opportunities that would otherwise have been lost to fixed offerings, or completely as impossible to deliver. Temporary sites can now be networked in minutes, cellular can be utilised as a more cost effective WAN backup, remote locations can be networked anywhere there’s power, and mobile units can enjoy always on WAN connectivity wherever they are located. Asavie’s WAN platform is an ideal solution for companies of all sizes in Retail, Leisure, Business Services, Travel and Transport, Financial Services, Media and the Public Sector.

Global Solution

Carriers that have multiple international companies and SIM platforms that provide ‘local SIMs’ in multiple countries can create a centrally managed Cellular WAN architecture for their clients.  Where ‘off net’ connectivity is required in territories where fixed assets or the mobile footprint are challenging the service can be configured to work over multiple mobile and fixed networks. This ensures that wherever a customer grows, their business is supported by one trusted Carrier partner.

One Trusted Partner as your Business Grows

PassBridge is especially relevant where a WAN customer needs connectivity ‘off net’ in territories where fixed assets or mobile footprint are challenging. This ensures that wherever a customer grows, their business is supported by one trusted carrier partner. Partner with us today

Quick Implementation
Unified Solution
Low Risk

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