Asavie Joins Microsoft Intelligent Security Association

Collaboration Improves Unified End-to-End Secure Mobile Experience for Mobile Workforces

Dublin, Ireland, Oct 31, 2019 – Asavie, a leader in secure Enterprise Mobility and IoT Connectivity announced today that it has joined the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association, a group of security technology providers who have integrated their solutions with Microsoft security products to provide enterprise customers with better protection, detection, and response.

Asavie ensures that business customers can adopt a unified, multi-layer approach to mobile security in order to govern the work experience of their mobile workforces. Asavie Moda extends Microsoft Intune’s governance and compliance policies into the network layer to protect all data in transit to and from mobile devices.

The combination of Asavie Moda’s network layer security controls with Microsoft Intune’s endpoint device management provides a multi-layer solution to secure and manage the mobile workforce across a range of smartphones, tablets and field-force mobile devices. Asavie Moda’s unique network layer vantage point ensures enterprises gain full visibility and control of all data in transit, enabling the protection, compliance and governance of all traffic at the network layer.

“As a pioneer of secure network-based mobile connectivity, Asavie are delighted to join the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association, and help organizations to ensure they have the tools they need to defend against increasingly sophisticated threats in a hyper-connected digital world,” said Mick Higgins, SVP Product with Asavie.

“It is critical that enterprises have the right visibility and control of data in transit to and from mobile endpoints in order to fully to embrace digital transformation. Global organizations can now extend the enforcement of their policy controls to these mobile assets, thereby helping to reduce their exposure to cyber threats and ensure compliance with data privacy regulations,” added Higgins.

“We welcome Asavie’s expertise and innovation into the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association. Together we are working to protect the secure connectivity experience of the mobile workforce” said Ryan McGee, Director of Product Marketing for Security at Microsoft Corp. Asavie’s technologies enable customers to become digital enterprises.”

Asavie Moda and Microsoft Intune

Asavie Moda and Microsoft Intune offer a multi-layer, defense-in-depth approach to enterprise mobility and security. The combination of Asavie Moda’s network layer security controls with Microsoft Intune for unified endpoint management offers a unique solution to secure and manage enterprise data and applications across a range of smartphones, tablets, and field-force mobile devices.

About the Asavie Microsoft Intelligent Security Association Membership
Asavie has earned membership based on our innovative secure network management integration with Intune. More information on Asavie andthe Microsoft Intelligent Security Association can be found at:

About Asavie
Asavie’s on-demand mobility and IoT services provide increased productivity, valuable insights and enhanced security for the digital business. Strategic distribution and technology partners include AT&T, AWS, Dell, IBM, Microsoft, Singtel, Telefonica, Verizon and Vodafone. Asavie is an ISO27001 certified company.,@Asavie on twitter.