Asavie Launches Updated Enterprise Mobility Management Solution with Enhanced Mobile Security and Unparalleled Visibility into Usage Trends

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Asavie Research Reveals: One in Five Senior Decision Makers has Received Higher Than Expected Mobile Device Bill

DUBLIN, Ireland, March 30, 2016: Asavie, the provider of next-generation enterprise mobility management and Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity solutions released today the latest version of its Asavie Moda solution. Asavie Moda delivers a mobile strategy for businesses, enabling improved productivity, better security and effective cost management of mobile assets. The latest release of Asavie Moda now extends enhanced mobile security for 96% of smart phones and tablets, with real-time insight into the productivity of mobile workforces. This information enables companies to set optimum employee mobile data usage policies. By managing the mobile data staff can access while automatically filtering malicious and high-risk content, companies protect their mobile data, improve productivity of staff and avoid excessive mobile data costs.

A recent survey, commissioned by Asavie and conducted by Amárach Research, revealed that organizations that don’t set policies to manage employee mobile data usage frequently experience “bill shock” impacting the company’s bottom line, and undermining business confidence in mobile data services. The poll which sampled 500 senior decision makers across the U.K. and the U.S.A. found that almost one in five respondents reported receipt of a mobile device bill with higher than expected domestic mobile data costs, with one-third of these overages caused by non-work related usage.[i]

The perennial issue of managing employee usage of mobile devices is set to continue with forecasted increases in mobile data traffic. Leif-Olof Wallin, Research VP in Gartner notes, “Global mobile data traffic is expected to grow by a compound annual growth rate of 55% between 2013 and 2018.” [ii] A significant percentage of this traffic will be comprised of employees using company mobile data. To avoid negatively impacting a company’s bottom line and reducing employee productivity, businesses will need to effectively manage mobile data usage.

Ralph Shaw, CEO, Asavie, said, “Despite the many benefits of a mobile workforce, employers are concerned about the costs of employees using mobile devices, and require a way to monitor and secure mobile data. Asavie Moda’s user-friendly portal puts businesses in control, allowing them to secure their mobile devices, align their use with corporate policy and business goals, while improving the management of mobile data charges.”

Asavie Moda Reporting                                                                                                                                       

Asavie Moda now offers three new reporting functions, providing unparalleled visibility into how data is being used on corporate mobile devices. These features provide insights into employees’ mobile productivity trends, which can highlight how businesses can better spend company time and money. Asavie Moda’s new reporting functionality offers:

  1. Data usage comparison – quick comparison of what categories of web sites your staff are using during core business hours compared to non-working hours. For example, this could include sites such as social networking, professional networking and video streaming among others.
  2. Get a view of the top 10 sites visited by your staff from their smartphones and tablets.
  3. Allows you to quickly identify & rank the data usage across 26 different categories

By analyzing Asavie Moda’s in-depth reports of employee data usage, businesses can centrally enforce the alignment of mobile data consumption with corporate policies. Leveraging Asavie Moda companies ensure mobile data usage adheres to the key business goals, while ensuring maximum employee productivity, and limiting excessive data usage.

Asavie Moda Security

Previously only available on iOS, the latest Asavie Moda security features now cover 96% of smartphone and tablets by extending availability to Android devices. These updated features allow businesses to pinpoint the location of the device on a map with the Locate function, and remotely block the use of the device using the Lock capability. If a device is not recovered, all confidential information can be deleted using the Wipe function. Additionally, security settings including password enforcement can be easily customized to match the company’s policy.

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 About Asavie

Asavie makes connectivity simple. Our mobility management and Internet of Things solutions manage, scale and secure connectivity across diverse networks. The award winning, on-demand, Asavie PassBridge® platform enables mobile operators, OEM vendors and managed service providers to rapidly launch, scale and secure end-user enterprise mobility and Internet of Things projects. Global market leaders including AT&T, Cradlepoint, Telenor, Telefonica O2 and Vodafone use Asavie to fast track their smart connected projects.

[i] Sept 2015: Asavie commissioned Amárach Research to survey 500 senior decision makers in the US and UK, who are involved in or responsible for decisions related to company mobile devices were surveyed in September 2015.
[ii] Gartner report “Best Practices for Optimizing Mobile Contracting the European Way.” Published: 23 February 2016

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