Asavie Pokemon Liberation Effort

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Sitting in a hotel lobby in Atlanta catching up on some emails recently I heard a yelp and a crash. Someone had stumbled over a chair. The chair was brightly colored and hard to miss. A member of the hotel staff asked if she was okay, “I was playing Pokémon” said the well dressed lady who looked like she was on her way to a business meeting. Later that day I saw a story on the news about this new game featuring augmented reality, it sounded like a pretty cool idea I have to admit. Walking from the hotel to a dinner engagement I passed at least 10 people who seemed to be doing something with their phones that looked a little strange, perhaps Pokémon hunting?

Abstract border frame, has cartoon picture of an imagined cat-like creature named Peega, luxurious paper or wallpaper, for background and gift design

Entertainment apps like these seem to come out of nowhere and before you know it they are viral. Some interesting musings on how this app went viral with a bang can be found in this interesting article on

The challenge for business owners is how to prevent soaring data usage caused by such apps, distraction during work time, the potential productivity impact, and any security threats.

I thought I would take some downtime during a delay at the airport to see how Asavie might help Pokémon’s everywhere remain uncaught during working hours!

I downloaded the Pokémon go app which, it has to be said, looks beautiful. Registration was a simple affair and 2 minutes later I had an augmented reality encounter with my first Pokémon at gate A02 in Hartsfield Jackson airport on my work provided iPhone. Our IT admin responded to my request to have “kids” apps/websites blocked via the Asavie Moda service and suddenly my Pokémon hunting was over. My company data plan was once again directed toward non-virtual trapping pursuits and I was back to work.

Not only did I focus on work, I was protected against potential malicious versions of Pokemon Go. There are loads of repackaged app versions being put on the app store which could have compromised the security of the data on my phone.

Asavie makes it easy to stay ahead of the game(s) when it comes to work data plan usage, security and productivity by zapping entertainment apps- and blocking any potential malicious attacks at source.

Find out more here: Asavie Moda  AT&T AccessMyLAN or download the EMM eBook.



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