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Secure Teleheath Solution Provides Digital Touch for Healthcare Organizations

The COVID-19 pandemic is accelerating the digital transformation of the healthcare delivery model with implications for healthcare workers, patients and IT providers globally. The traditional challenges of ensuring HIPAA-compliant access to patient data and timely delivery of hospital-based medical care ...
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Digital transformation as a top business priority

Digital transformation is a high priority for organizations post COVID-19

Not so long ago I was looking at a study by Deloitte and MIT from 2015 on the main drivers of digital transformation. I wonder what the authors are thinking of their study now? Fair play to the researchers, their ...
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cyberattacks covid-19

Media & Telecoms, the main targets of cyberattacks during COVID-19

“44% of organizations acknowledged that they had faced cyberattacks during COVID-19 specifically due to remote working.” Source: Asavie Global CXO Study: The Future of the Secure Office Anywhere So much has changed in the space of six months, that 2020 ...
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Insights from our Global CXO Study into The Future of Work

You may have noticed by now that we have been talking a lot about the Future of Work and Branch of One® here at Asavie. We read a lot about it, and we wrote a lot about it too. We ...
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Mitigate VPN attacks with
Branch of One® for secure office anywhere

"Multiple hacking gangs are preying on remote workforces and corporate VPNs through vishing attacks that are more efficient, dangerous and ubiquitous than ever." Source: SC Media To mitigate VPN attacks has got even more complicated because of the rise in ...
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Branch of One®: Delivering the Secure Office Anywhere

"COVID-19 has challenged business leaders to do three things at once: stage the return to work, understand and leverage the advancements they enacted during the crisis, and chart a new path forward." Source: Deloitte Insights Organizations are looking to capitalize ...
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Remote working strategy

Branch of One®: Creating the strategy for the office anywhere

Organizations must deploy a remote working strategy that suits the office anywhere model. CIOs need to demonstrate leadership as we move out of lockdown into a new model of working where the office is wherever the employee is. It’s time ...
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A playbook to secure IoT against attacks

"A team of IBM hackers has discovered a vulnerability in a component used in millions of mobile Internet of Things (IoT) devices. " Source: ZDNET Preventing exposure to IoT attacks The truth is, the risks associated with the Internet component of ...
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ransomware attacks in the healthcare sector

The Rise of Ransomware Attacks in the Health Sector

What is a ransomware attack? Before we jump into the details of this post, let's make a basic definition clear. A ransomware attack happens when company or personal files  are encrypted by a 3rd party and held to ransom. Typically, ...
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Why is Healthcare Data a Prime Target for Hackers?

The explosion of healthcare data The concept of telehealth (or remote health) is not a new one. However, we have seen a rise in adoption levels of telehealth solutions as a result of the recent pandemic. Medical and technology professionals ...
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Delivering on a secure Work from Anywhere Strategy

"At business places with 500 or more workers, 12% have access to telework, compared with 6% at places with fewer than 100 workers." Source: 2019 National Compensation Survey, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Work from Anywhere What is evident from ...
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Secure Meter Readings of the Next Generation of Electricity Meters

The less we spend working on the communications network, the more time we can spend working for the communities we serve.”, Billy Hamlin, System Engineer, Black River Electric Cooperative.   Secure meter readings At Asavie, we have the great fortune ...
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Changing the Human Touch to a Digital Touch – how COVID-19 Accelerates the Need to Secure Telehealth

For centuries, the laying on of hands, or the “human-touch” has symbolized the essence of the doctor-patient relationship. The COVID-19 pandemic is disrupting this age-old tradition by accelerating the digital transformation of the healthcare delivery model for medical workers globally. ...
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The role of SASE in securing the Office Anywhere

Securing the Office Anywhere The last few weeks of working remotely have certainly been an eye-opener. As the family adapted to the ‘new normal’ of continuously being online; we discovered new video, collaboration, and cloud applications for work, school, and ...
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The Future of Work: How will Enterprise Network Security Change?

In most places around the world, restrictions on movement, businesses, and gatherings are being lifted in stages, some faster than others. I am writing this blog from my home in Ireland and we are in Phase 2+ of our opening. ...
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Data regulation for distance learning

Guide to Data Regulation Compliance for Distance Learning in K-12

I'm sure you are aware of the worldwide pandemic that is gripping our lives and changing how children learn. It is an incredibly difficult time for educators who are being asked to offer new and improved ways of learning remotely. ...
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student connectivity at home

How do we Ensure Safe Student Connectivity at Home?

The problem of student connectivity at home COVID-19 has shone a spotlight on the inequity of internet access across the U.S. and the toll this is taking on our most vulnerable communities. It shouldn’t take a global pandemic to expose ...
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K-12 distance learning

How to Create a Safe Online Environment for K-12 Distance Learning

Government support to fund distance learning The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (the CARES Act) created a $30.75 billion Education Stabilization Fund (ESF). Approximately, $13.2 billion was allocated to the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) Fund. ...
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distance learning at crisis

K-12 Schools Face a Distance Learning Crisis

Distance education is not the new kid in town Since schools closed due to COVID-19, we’ve come to associate the term distance learning in K-12 with daily Zoom classes and online education platforms like Canvas or Blackboard. However, distance learning ...
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phishing attacks

Phishing Attacks are Evolving. Make Sure your Business is Ready

Phishing is a form of confidence scam that uses social engineering to harvest personal information by gaining the trust of unsuspecting victims. Hackers can use this information for identity theft, or espionage, ultimately granting the instigator access to data or ...
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Secure online learning during COVID19

Helping Schools Switch to Secure Online Learning

Technology has made education accessible to millions of people to-date, but in the wake of the COVID19 pandemic, it needs to do more. It needs to bring learning opportunities to children who have to stay at home. Education needs to ...
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Redefining Mobile and IoT Security for the Future

I’m delighted to share with you the news of a new service called Asavie SD Edge that we launched today. Asavie SD Edge is an adjacent service to Asavie SD Mobile and Asavie SD IoT, in which the enterprise can ...
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How to Make Video Calls Work for your Business

Remote work is evolving In recent years we have experienced a shift in working practices as more of the workforce looks for alternatives to the traditional office environment. Today remote workers cover many different use cases that vary from employees ...
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Seamless and Secure Remote Access

The last week has been the hardest in history for many enterprises, IT administrators and employees. Across the globe, we all have had to adapt to the new world of social distancing brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic. The week ...
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business woman working remotely

How organizations can safely enable remote working

The COVID-19 outbreak has forced organizations to re-think their approach towards mobile and remote working overnight. Some organizations might've used remote working as a perk to provide a better work-life balance for their employees in the past. However, the recent ...
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Verizon Mobile Security Index 2020 Showcases Asavie’s Network Security Insights

Verizon have released the third edition of Mobile Security Index (MSI) 2020 to coincide with the RSA Security show hosted in San Francisco. The impressive report is compiled from multiple sources including surveys of industry professionals responsible for buying and ...
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Say Goodbye to Digital Certificates on IoT Devices

51% of enterprises claim to have issues with digital certificates. From an IoT industry perspective, this is troubling. But how did we get to this? An interesting way for me to share a reason as to why the problem exists ...
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Do I Really Need a Private Network for IoT?

As per every new year, we all start with resolutions of what we will change for the better, for fellow IoT rock stars, security needs to be top of the list. With the new decade fresh in our minds, IoT ...
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How First Responders can Avoid Ransomware Threats While Using Mobile Devices

When an emergency strikes, first responders’ instincts and training guide their reactions – but when it’s an emergency of the virtual kind, it can stop responders dead in their tracks. Emergency services across the United States have been finding this ...
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The Benefits of Mobile Innovation to First Responder Agencies

To innovate means doing something new and changing the way you work, and in today’s world, if you want to truly innovate, you need digital tools at your disposal to enable it. Anyone who has used a smartphone over the ...
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Putting Trust at the Heart of CardiLink’s Defibrillator Monitoring Service

Last week on global restart a heart day Asavie and CardiLink, a pioneer in Medtech device monitoring announced how CardiLink is leveraging Asavie IoT Connect™ to securely monitor and maintain fleets of Automated External Defibrillator devices (AED) deployed in public spaces ...
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IoT Enables Renewable Power Management for Irish Energy Company

Mark Lambe and Liam Breathnach speak to Claire Swedberg of IoT Journal on how Solo Energy is deploying a network of batteries for energy storage and distribution based on power generation and price changes, using IoT technology provided by Asavie. Apr ...
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Mobile Malware Risk: Why Prevention is Better than Cure, and What You Can Do About It

It's getting to the point where we need to add malware to the list of life's certainties, along with death and taxes. The WannaCry outbreak saw the ransomware spread to more than 200,000 hosts in over 150 countries worldwide, according to Europol, the ...
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Jumpstart your IoT projects out of the PoC swamp and into Production at Scale, Securely

Last month several key vendors from the IoT ecosystem (Dell EMC, Microsoft Azure, EpiSensor) gathered at the Asavie HQ in Dublin to explore with the local IoT community how companies can move their IoT projects out of the Proof of ...
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Mobile Security White Paper

Frightening Enterprise Mobile Security Facts

2017 has seen a huge increase in security vulnerabilities like Krack, Bad Rabbit and Android Wi-Fi. Operators need to look beyond device and app security and add value at your core. Very often the network can be the blind spot ...
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Maturing IoT: platforms, sensors, utility?

Asavie CTO, Tom Maher, was recently interviewed by Jason Walsh of TechCentral about how real-time connectivity fundamentally changes business and where IoT really takes over is when the business is running hyper-distributed applications across every asset they own, “When we ...
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IIoT held back by long project lead times

When it comes to IIoT projects, the journey from prototype to production environment can be a long slog, new survey claims. Over half of IT professionals (57 percent) say it could take six months or longer for an industrial IoT ...
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The Digital generation

Back to School Challenges in a Mobile World

This Digital Generation doesn't know how good they have it! It occurred to me recently as I watched the never ending string of commercials and listened to the mumbling of school children in department stores to their long suffering parents ...
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Security as a Service for Small and Medium businesses

The COMPLEXITY of keeping your business Secure Let’s face it, security is hard. For too long, it seems like the technology industry’s answer was to push the effort back into the user. We all know the messages: patch and update ...
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10 tips to help Telcos win and retain small and medium businesses

What are you doing to win and retain small and medium businesses (SMB)? Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) need to provide a range of features and functionality that help them win and retain Small and medium businesses. These solutions need to ...
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IoT Methodology

Here to stay: Why the ‘plan, build, run’ model is still relevant to IoT

The IoT may be a whole new area for your organization, but sticking to the fundamentals of a tried-and-tested methodology is still the best path to project success, argues John McBride, cloud architect at Asavie. Yes, you read it correctly: ...
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Compliance with GDPR and other regualtions

Compliance as a competitive differentiator: why regulations aren’t all bad

Can regulations such as GDPR and HIPAA help you sell more? Compliance/ Regulations: the bane of every small business, right? All they’re good for is putting obstacles in the way to moving fast and innovating. Except when they’re not. Take ...
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EMM ebook available for download

How Telcos can leverage their network to win and retain SME customers

The Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) sector is poorly served by current mobile solutions, yet there is a largely untapped opportunity for Mobile Network Operators (MNO), to secure long-lasting relationships and new revenue streams by offering business mobile services as a Managed Service ...
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Infosec magazine

Time for Operators to Act on Mobile Security

This blog was originally published as an opinion piece at Mobility is often mentioned in the same sentence as cloud and Big Data as a “must have” enabler for the modern business, and it’s the one of the three ...
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Yes to abolishing EU roaming charges

How does the abolishment of EU roaming charges affect business? It's great news that the EU have agree the parameters around roaming charges being abolished across Europe from June 2017. But CFOs and finance departments still need to be aware of ...
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Securely working away from the office

Acceso seguro a las redes de la compañía, tanto locales como cloud, desde cualquier lugar

Teniendo en cuenta que los datos de los últimos estudios revelan que el número de empleados que trabajaran en lo que conocemos como “entorno de movilidad” espera crecer a más de 105 millones de usuarios para 2020, está claro que ...
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mobile security

Secure mobile data with Asavie

The Mobile Security Agenda As organisations embark on their ICT strategies for 2017, I’m guessing that mobility and security will be topping many agendas.  Everyone now understands the productivity benefits you get from mobilizing a workforce, empowering employees with smart devices ...
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IoT Camera Security

It’s your round: who pays for an insecure Internet of Things?

Following on from our recent look at IoT security and the technical fallout from compromised ‘things’, it’s clear the issue raises many questions. For example: what are the legal implications to having your internet of things' devices hacked? Could the ...
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experience video on a mobile data

Don’t compromise user experience by compromising mobile data speeds

MOBILE DATA EXPERIENCE DEFINED BY quality Anyone who can remember the early days of 2G, trying to download data via a cellphone with a 40Kbps connection, will know how frustrating the first forays into mobile working were. Only when we got ...
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