CardiLink Saves Lives with Secure IoT Connectivity from Asavie for Connected Defibrillators

Asavie IoT Connect™ Enables Medtech Innovator Deliver Global Support Service To Defibrillator Manufacturers and Owners

Barcelona, Industrial IoT Solutions Congress, October 16, 2018Asavie, a leader in secure Enterprise Mobility and IoT Connectivity, today announced that CardiLink, a pioneer in Medtech device monitoring is leveraging Asavie IoT Connect™ to securely monitor and maintain fleets of Automated External Defibrillator devices (AED) deployed in public spaces and corporate campuses. The CardiLink cloud platform provides AED owners and manufacturers with critical insights into the operational effectiveness of their device estates. This capability assists their compliance with health sector legislative directives in both the EU and U.S. that oblige them to maintain a system in which the AED state is logged.

Asavie IoT Connect™ provides on-demand secure and private connectivity for each AED endpoint. The AED devices are authorized and authenticated onto a private network off the public internet, thus minimizing their exposure to cybersecurity threats. Using Asavie IoT Connect’s elastic network topology, CardiLink can segment AEDs into unique private networks per manufacturer, per country and per owner, which protects the devices and data and assists with adherence to regulations such as the EU GDPR data protection laws and the EU Regulation 2017/745 pertaining to medical devices.

Lars Wassermann, CEO, CardiLink, said, “Asavie’s global presence enables us to address a global market and optimize the security of the connected medical devices. The service facilitates rapid deployment, providing us with the ability to scale easily in any region. Furthermore, the capability to create on-demand private network connectivity for individual manufacturers, per user, per country helps us comply with the data privacy regulations in each of the countries we operate in.”

Welcoming the announcement, Ralph Shaw, CEO, Asavie, said, “We are excited by this engagement with Medtech innovator, CardiLink. Manufacturers and service providers operating in regulated sectors need to protect their data from exposure to cyberattacks and security breaches. Asavie eliminates the risk for these companies by providing the on-demand, scalable, intelligent IoT connectivity services on private networks, isolated from the public internet.”

“Companies rely on us to provide the secure IoT connectivity from their device to the cloud so that they can concentrate on harnessing the potential of the IoT and innovate their businesses,” continued Shaw.

Asavie is exhibiting at Industrial IoT Solutions Congress on the Industrial Internet Consortium Pavilion in Hall 2 stand nr. 411

Visit the CardiLink website to learn more about how they provide active postmarket surveillance for medical devices

About CardiLink
CardiLink is an innovative service provider for healthcare device monitoring, enabling manufacturers and owners of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) with fleet management capabilities. CardiILink’s service platform provides insights into device status and location, with alert notifications on the status of the life-saving medical devices.

About Asavie
Asavie makes secure connectivity simple for any size of mobility or IoT deployment in a hyper-connected world. The Asavie PassBridge® platform powers on-demand services for the secure and intelligent distribution of data to connected devices anywhere. This enables enterprises to harness the power of the internet of things and mobile devices to transform and scale their businesses. Strategic partners include AT&T AWS, Dell, MultiTech, Singtel, Telefonica, Verizon and Vodafone.