Case Study

Delivering a Safe Mobile Experience for Tour Bus Passengers

Gray Line is the largest provider of sightseeing tours on the planet. Family owned and operated for more than 103 years, Gray Line Tours / Citizen Auto Stage Co. of Tucson, AZ has been at the center of creating and operating the best traveler experiences in the world’s most sought-after tourist destinations.

Gray Line deployed a solution combining high-end cellular routers from Cradlepoint to provide Wi-Fi connectivity and Asavie Moda to manage a safe internet experience on board. Since implementing the solution, Gray Line has been able to achieve better visibility and control of their mobile data costs while ensuring the internet experience it offers its passengers remains safe and positive.


Gray Line Tours started offering free Wi-Fi to their customers several years ago. On that journey, they quickly learned how data hungry their younger student-based passenger demographic was. They also realized, having originally deployed the Cradlepoint routers to provide easy accessibility, that they needed to protect these IP enabled devices to ensure a safe internet user experience. They also needed a way to ensure their monthly data bills did not get out of control and eat into their profit margins.

We realized we could set up flexible rules and exceptions while still reducing our costs and delivering a high quality internet experience to our passengers. That’s a winner!

Tom Morgan,

CEO, Gray Line Tours, Tucson

Solution Deployed

Gray Line Tours wanted an easy to set-up and easy to use solution that could start delivering results from the word go. Working with our partner Verizon, Asavie delivered a solution comprising of a shared data plan, Cradlepoint routers and Asavie Moda as the management platform for visibility, security and data control.

Thanks to this combined solution, Gray Line Tours has been able to better allocate and control their data pool between buses. They can also control the data usage on board and provide a safe internet experience especially for their younger passengers.

Asavie Moda was rolled out without disruptions to the operational schedule of the buses within a period of two weeks. Making use of the content categorization feature in the product, they were able to quickly set up rules to determine content and services that would be allowed and blacklist everything else. Now, they can allocate data between the different buses according to their needs.

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Whether they are sending emails or staying in touch on social media, passengers are always protected against malicious or inappropriate content.



Gray Line is now able to implement tailored usage policies and restrict data hungry content while continuing to deliver a high quality service to their customers.


Efficient allocation of the shared data pool across the bus fleet, with enhanced ability to control data usage and predict monthly data costs.