Security Certifications

Security is Important to Asavie

At Asavie we take protecting data seriously. We have implemented the strictest industry security best practices throughout our organization in order to ensure our services are built to meet the most rigorous industry security standards.

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ISO 27001

Asavie holds the internationally recognized ISO 27001 Certification. This international standard outlines best practices for information security management systems and our compliance with these standards demonstrates our commitment to maintaining the highest levels of confidentiality, integrity and availability of information. The Information Security Management System (ISMS) that supports the development, deployment and operation of solutions for external customers by the Asavie Team is ISO27001 certified.

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FIPS 140-2 Certification

The Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) Publication 140-2, (FIPS PUB 140-2), is a U.S. government computer security standard used to approve cryptographic modules. Asavie has confirmation from NIST approved agency Corsec that AccessMyLAN and Asavie Moda are FIPS 140-2 compliant. Specifically AccessMyLAN’s and Asavie Moda’s use of FIPS-Approved cryptographic functions has been deemed compliant by Corsec’s “FIPS Verified” evaluation for FIPS 140-2 compliance.

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Criminal Justice Information Services

AccessMyLAN and Asavie Moda’s Services are compliant with the Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS)  by addressing the CJIS Security Policy Areas. Moreover, many of the processes are documented, automated and audited in line with the ISO27001 certification requirements.

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GDPR & Data Privacy Compliance

Asavie complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) data protection legislation. Asavie maintains a Data Protection Policy which applies to all Personal Data collected, processed and stored by Asavie in the course of its business activities.



AccessMyLAN qualified for the FirstNet Certified designation from AT&T. It meets FirstNet’s stringent requirements of AT&T and the FirstNet Network Authority. FirstNet is the nationwide communications platform dedicated to public safety in the USA. FirstNet is bringing public safety a much-needed technology upgrade to help them connect to the critical information they need – every day and in every emergency.

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Microsoft Intelligent Security Association

Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA) is a collaborative program focused on helping organizations worldwide defend against increasingly sophisticated, fast-moving threats with the help of a strong partner ecosystem. Via our membership of MISA, Asavie is furthering our commitment to help our mutual customers protect their valuable content.

Compliance Solutions

Learn how Asavie's network-based mobility solution helps organizations implement a robust strategy towards regulatory compliance.  We have developed a multi-layer security and control approach that protects the enterprise against malicious actors as well as ensuring data usage is compliant with internal policies and external regulatory obligations.