Does your CFO quiver at your high roaming bills?

by Liz Edwards for blog, EMM

CFO In 2015 1 in 6 employees could get an email from their CFO due their high roaming bill.

Recent research has shown that almost 20% of employees will be using mobile data intensively during work related trips. It’s not done maliciously, but employees are regularly consuming over their mobile data plan – commonly known as an “overage”- and the finance teams are not happy.

According to Gartner 80 per cent of businesses will overspend on mobile bills by an average of 15 per cent. That’s a lot of upset finance people.

To combat these overages, companies are trying to create tight policies for their mobile data usage, especially when they are abroad.  But when controls are too tight around mobile data usage it can become unproductive. If your sales guy is supposed to show online material like videos and documents during a workshop via his mobile data connection, he needs to have what he needs at his fingertips. And if he wants to contact his family by video after a long productive day, he should be entitled to without constantly worrying about costs.

Controlling that mobile data usage can become a heavy task: there are nearly 1 billion sites in the internet. Can your employees work and sell effectively if you block the ones you don’t want your employees to access in your DNS? Instead, some companies are categorizing the internet and providing easy and scalable controls so the bill shock is reduce to zero.

In Asavie we have found an easy way to solve this problem by controlling and managing data mobile costs.  We have successfully implemented our SaaS Mobile Data Control Solution (Moda) in several carriers and companies, providing them with the technology to control their mobile data usage and improving their employee’s productivity.

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