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Mobility is all about extending your business beyond office walls and getting closer to customers. Asavie connects remote teams wherever they are, on whatever device they use.  Learn how our customers across various industries have controlled costs, increased productivity and improved security with Asavie EMM.

  • Company: Taurus Technologies
  • Sector: Conferencing solutions
  • Challenge: Excessive mobile bills because of personal data usage
  • Solution: Asavie Moda (AccessMyLAN)
  • Benefits:  Savings on data overages of between $500 and $2,500 per month. Predictable costs and a more productive workforce

“Since the inception of asavie moda our bills have been rock steady. We would have covered two or three years worth of the service so far with the money we’ve saved”

Corey Church, Vice President of Technical Operations, Taurus Technologies

Taurus Case Study

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One of the world’s largest mobile network operators (MNO) faced increased demand from its Small and Medium sized business (SMB) customers to deliver a secure, easy-to-use enterprise mobility management (EMM) product which did not have all the “baggage” of the traditional heavy-weight EMM solutions. Their customers were losing patience with regular “bill shock” events and demanded heightened security and control measures in the face of ever increasing threats to the smart device. Traditionally the MNO had written off much of these overage events as bad debt, but now they sought to put a more proactive security and control offering in place.

Asavie MODA was selected by this MNO as its preferred next-generation enterprise mobility management on-demand service.  Key benefits to the MNO are:

  • No hassle – it’s an easy to use, white labeled cloud service, with an intuitive web interface, that generates revenue with minimal administration.
  • Add value – policies are set at a SIM level which differentiates the EMM service and makes the carrier’s SIM more valuable than those of competitors. Includes security features like Locate, Lock and Wipe features at no extra cost.
  • Build loyalty – reduce churn by avoiding bill shock. Get closer to high-value customers with a transparent service that deepens the relationship with the end-customer and enhances the customer experience.

Get your mobility strategy right

Because more flexible “anytime, anywhere” working comes at a high price, if you get it wrong,  you risk exposing your organization to security threats and excessive data costs.


% of companies experienced bill shock from domestic use of mobile data.


% of IT Managers don’t have enough resources to prevent mobile attacks


% of IT leaders believe the risk of data breaches has increased because of mobile device usage

A leading international airline deployed 1,300 tablet-based electronic flight bags (EFBs) for its pilots as part of a “paperless cockpit” initiative. These EFBs help flight crews perform flight management tasks more easily and efficiently with less paper. Asavie Moda is used to apply data usage rules depending on the country the pilots are in. For example in countries where mobile data is very expensive, they limited access to mission critical sites only. In less expensive regions, data usage rules were relaxed.


  • Asavie Moda controls what content is accessed to avoid excessive personal usage and roaming costs.
  • The EFB initiative also contributes to significant fuel savings by replaces the heavy (40lb/18 kg) documents bag that pilots previously carried to the cockpit.

A charter transportation company provides free internet via MiFi to its passengers, and sought a complementary secure, manageable connection to control passenger data usage as well as content filtering. They also required real-time access to data usage, along with the ability to shut off devices without contacting their customers’ service providers. They transport company also needed the ability to block data-intensive services, such as streaming audio/video. The MiFi service didn’t provide these data management controls, which led to ongoing regular bill shock issues.


Asavie MODA was implemented to permit passengers access to certain sites, throttle speeds per login and crucially provide the overarching data management controls the charter company required. Resultant benefits included:

  • Full visibility of real-time usage details leading
  • Greater bill predictability and avoidance of bill shock
  • Reduction in unauthorized data usage

Eversheds is an international law firm providing expert legal services to a predominantly business client base across a broad spectrum of areas. With a globally mobile workforce, Eversheds key challenge is to ensure the security of its workplace data per mobile employee, while also controlling costs of the corporate mobile data roaming plan.

Asavie MODA was chosen by Eversheds as it offered a secure and reliable connection per employee to customer confidential data, whilst roaming. 

Using the public cloud of Amazon Web Services (AWS), Asavie enabled collection and storage of data usage per employee, enabling intelligent provisioning and management of data rate limits per employee.

Asavie provided a secure, reliable and on-demand mobility management service, enabling cost effective management of a globally mobile workforce, ensuring adherence to corporate data roaming plans.

Asavie Moda Datasheet

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