Case Studies: IOT

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Asavie makes it easy for companies of all sizes in all industries to securely connect their IOT and machine-to-machine (M2M) projects globally across diverse networks in a cost effective manner. Leveraging Asavie’s IoT connectivity platform, our customers generate increased efficiencies, gain new insights for innovating their design processes and generate new revenue streams. Below are listed some examples of Asavie in action.

A global leading electronic car manufacturer needed to guarantee a seamless connectivity experience for its fleet of 50,000 vehicles as they are driven throughout Europe.

Asavie IoT Connect delivers connectivity across multiple regions via a single global SIM, providing reliable secure network connectivity for each car.

Additional features include:

  • Local breakout of all content to provide driver personalized content streaming preferences
  • Secure bidirectional data flows to capture key telemetry requirements for the manufacturer and deliver sufficient bandwidth to manage software updates.Manage and control all data costs while driving throughout the region.

A leading global chain of coffee stores with over 3000 outlets worldwide implemented a “connected store” IoT strategy to reduce maintenance costs and increase the efficiencies of its retail operations. Using Asavie IoT Connect this chain has been able to connect all its coffee machines securely using SIMs across a private network in order to monitor and track the performance of each machine.

  • Improve the maintenance scheduling for each machine and provide advance notice of which parts need replacing
  • Improve performance of baristas and track the preferences of individual customers
  • Enable centralized tracking and monitoring of each store’s performance and set coffee brewing standards and best practices

Get your IoT strategy right

Because more flexible “anytime, anywhere” connectivity comes at a high price, if you get it wrong,  you risk exposing your organization to security threats and excessive data costs.


Million devices connected globally everyday in 2016


Trillion, value of IoT market in 2024


No. of operators running Asavie

Glanbia is the world’s leading global performance nutrition and ingredients group with operations in 32 countries. Core to Glanbia’s manufacturing operations is the need to guarantee the reliability and security of data feeds from its in-plant manufacturing execution systems (MES) to its field force.

  • Asavie IoT Connect provides secure bi-directional connectivity from MES to field force vehicles to ensure compliance with food chain audits
  • Optimize efficiencies within its manufacturing processes via diagnostic insight to performance of manufacturing executions systems
  • Track and monitor temperatures of cold storage refrigeration trucks transporting food ingredients and products

Dublin City Council is very progressive in its adoption of IoT technologies to deliver corporate and citizen-centric Smart city services to ensure an improved quality of life in the city.

Asavie IoT Connect is used in several scenarios to persist the mission-critical connectivity to ensure services remain always on.

  • Examples include failover connectivity solutions to:
  • Manage the monitoring and enforcement of traffic light sequencing,
  • Monitoring of air pollution noise levels around the city airport

The Northern Ireland regional government rolled out a nationwide electric vehicle charging infrastructure and partnered with Asavie for the vital machine-to-machine SIM-based cellular connectivity. Asavie IoT Connect provides the secure data connectivity link from the individual charging stations to usage and billing applications hosted in the cloud. Additional features included:

  • Dedicated secure channel based on Asavie’s APN network to protect all data sent to and from the charging stations.
  • Integration with third-party consumption monitoring and billing systems hosted with Amazon Web Services.
  • Full reporting and real-time monitoring of each charging station on the network with bi-directional data flows for patch management.

IoT Connect Datasheet

Asavie IoT Connect is a self-service web application to connect your IoT devices using cellular communications.

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