Connecting a sustainable transport system for a greener future with IoT

The City Authority introduced new rules on air pollution which meant that the CTA had to reduce and monitor pollutant emissions from its fleet of diesel and hybrid buses by 2020. In doing so, the CTA is aiming to reduce the running costs and enable additional assets to be added to the fleet. With sustainability to the forefront of the operations, the solution needs to be cost effective and demonstrate environmental sustainability.


The CTA retrofitted Nitrous Oxide and Particulate Matter reduction systems and SIM-enabled data loggers to over 4,000 buses in its fleet. The CTA worked with Asavie to securely connect each vehicle in its fleet in and the environmental related emissions data gathered from the data loggers to a private cloud. This secure edge to cloud connection from each bus logger to a cloud-side server database provided for continuous real-time data transmission.

The private IoT connectivity off the public internet, ensures that the CTA remains free from the unwanted attention of cyberterrorism. In addition, the network insights helped to identify devices that are exhibiting abnormal behavior, on which corrective action could be taken.

The private network provided a scaled pool of static IP addresses, simplifying identification and scheduling of maintenance on a per vehicle registration basis. The bi-directional connectivity enabled system administrators to manage the solution from a centralized location, whilst the vehicles were in service, hence minimizing disruption to daily operations.


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Our transport systems are the gold standard to which cities worldwide aspire to. Security of our systems is top priority. Partnering with Asavie who are also ISO27001 compliant, gave us the confidence that we were choosing a world class solution for our vehicle connectivity.

Chief Security Officer,