Case Study

Securely connecting the intelligent energy network

Enernoc, leverages Asavie, to securely scale energy demand response services across 1000s of industrial sites in Europe.

EnerNOC partners with enterprises to reduce costs, manage risks, increase sustainability, and maximize the value of emerging energy technologies through customized energy management strategies. EnerNOC is the global leader in demand-side flexibility services, providing large energy users access to more demand response and demand management programs worldwide than any other provider. In addition to its flexibility solutions, EnerNOC’s technology-enabled advisory solutions help large energy users create value through strategic energy procurement, energy management, and utility bill management software and services.


Enernoc aggregates demand and energy supply, almost like a virtual power station, by brokering the demand/supply response between providers (utilities) and consumers (businesses) in real-time. The business consumers are empowered to play an important role in the operation of the electric grid by reducing or shifting their electricity usage during peak periods inresponseto time-based rates or other forms of financial incentives. 
Enernoc leverages the Asavie PassBridge® platform to provide the mission critical secure and private network connectivity capable of securely scaling connections between the thousands of industrial automation platforms, the telecoms’ network and Enernoc’s cloud-hosted energy intelligence platform.  

Asavie provides the interface to the network and the industrial automation systems for our energy demand response services

Robert McGarry,

Snr. Technology Manager,


Have you considered just what is involved in transitioning a project from early prototype stages to full scale industrial production levels? What industrial sensors and devices are available and what low power connectivity protocols do they support? How will you manage connectivity across multiple networks in different regions? How can you ensure your data and devices are protected from prying eyes and botnets? Where will you host your analytics platform and what intelligence services will you deliver to internal and external consumers?

Watch the webinar with Enernoc, EpiSensor & Asavie to get the answers to these questions and more.


Outsourcing of network layer management to Asavie enables valuable engineering resources focus delivering core value added services to customers

Secure data feeds to and from the cloud are an  important pillar of leveraging distributed cloud-hosted environment to deliver fast, elastic services to energy consumers and providers. 

The ability to deliver business process continuity is critical to the overall service delivery. Secure bi-directional connectivity is vital to the ongoing maintenance and management of services.

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