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Powering Mobile Cost Savings

Globeleq is powering Africa’s growth through the development and operation of utility scale power plants. The company currently owns and operates nearly 1,300 MW across 8 different power plants in Cote d’Ivoire, Cameroon, Tanzania, South Africa and Kenya. 60% of Globeleq’s London based employees travel regularly from the UK to various countries in Africa. When their bills sky rocketed, Globeleq deployed Asavie Moda to keep their mobile data costs under control, as traditional Mobile Device Management and UEM solutions could not.


As an African focused company, Globeleq’s monthly telecommunication bills were rising fast because of high roaming charges for mobile data usage. Most of the African countries their staff regularly visit are not included in their Vodafone global cellular plans, resulting in some users facing massive bills of over £2,000 per month.

The company’s IT Director, Gary Mitchem, investigated several potential security and cost control solutions, including Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions. The MDM providers they considered could not however offer sufficient levels of visibility and control into what staff accessed from expensive data regions of the world due to not being location aware, nor could they set policies based on the country the employee was in. For example, if someone was in Cote d’Ivoire , Globeleq wanted to restrict access to business-critical activities, while allowing an open policy in regions that were included in their employees’ Vodafone roaming plans.

Roaming charges in some of the African countries can get exorbitant.
Now we feel confident that when staff travel they won’t end up with huge mobile data bills.

Gary Mitchem,

IT Director,

Solution Deployed

With approximately half of the company’s data usage consumed on roaming, Globeleq wanted to manage data to a highly granular degree right down to the SIM level, dependent on the location of the user. Globeleq deployed tighter control with Asavie Moda in 2015 to more than 50 Business Development Managers and Engineers. If employees are in the UK or Europe they are permitted full usage; if they are in a zone where the data plans are not too expensive, the company applies slightly stricter policies; but if the employees are in Africa- where mobile data can cost as much as £100 for 20MB – then they are only permitted access to email and key business applications. Globeleq was an early adopter of the solution and has seen the service and usability develop to include more useful functionality.

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Eliminated bill shock that came with international travel

Monthly license fee enables better annual spending projections

Minimum set up and administration

Asavie Moda delivered Globeleq significant cost savings since first deployed. It gives them peace of mind that when their staff are using expensive mobile data abroad, they are using it for the right reasons. 60% of Globeleq’s London based employees travel regularly to various countries in Africa, and they can see savings of £1,000 per user per month on those bills.

Not only that, Asavie Moda requires minimal administration time. Helpful weekly emails ensure Globeleq’s IT team keep on top of mobile data usage and remove unexpected use, leaving them to focus on strategic developments for IT.