Case Study

Visibility & Control for Increased Productivity & Cost Savings

Established in 1999 and conducting business in more than 30 states across the USA, Safe Haven provides electronic security, fire protection and other related alarm monitoring services built on the ADT (NYSE:ADT) Service network, catering specifically to families and their homes. Safe Haven is the 2nd largest dealer for ADT in the United States employing 1,500 staff in 50 satellite offices from L.A. to New York.


Safe Haven has enjoyed rapid growth in the breadth and reach of its services across the US over the past number of years. This expansion has brought challenges for the business as they try to retain their market leadership and improve the productivity of their remote field sales workforce. As part of a mobile first strategy Safe Haven armed its nationwide salesforce with iOS devices to successfully complete in-situ the full sales process from entering the deal; showcasing the service, to closing and registering the deal on Safe Haven’s provisioning systems. as well as accessing the applications used in the business.

The main challenges faced by the IT team responsible for the governance of this mobile first project was a lack of visibility into the device data usage and control to ensure the devices were being used only for work related purposes. Although Safe Haven had already implemented a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution to manage their devices, they lacked any insights or control over what applications or services were being accessed by their sales teams. In extreme cases, some individual employees were consuming as much as 100GB of data per month and racking up to $1,000 in monthly device bills.

Asavie Moda allowed us to immediately gain better insights and control of our mobile device estate and our mobile data bills. We were also able to put some security features in place which we never had with the previous device level MDM solution

Jason Vaughan,

Director of Operations,
Safe Haven ADT

Solution Deployed

The initial licenses of Asavie Moda were rolled out across the top performing market teams and having immediately seen positive results, the rest of the licenses were deployed shortly afterwards. Asavie Moda provides the ability to create customized usage policies to set data caps or time-of-day access and block non-work related domains for individuals and groups, so that devices are used as fit-for-purpose dedicated business tools only.

The powerful web content categorization feature ensures that Safe Haven can design policies to block domains that are not work related, but also protect employees from malicious websites through a real-time threat intelligence service. In addition, the devices are protected with standard MDM-type functionality, such as locate, lock and wipe, in case phones or tablets are lost or stolen.

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Overnight Safe Haven generated substantial cost savings. No more outlier users consuming in excess of 100 Gb/month. Total sales’ team data consumption is
now on target and in budget.


By creating a customized, fit-for-purpose user experience, Asavie Moda enables Safe Haven employees access relevant content in a more productive manner and avoid time wasting distractions.



Increased security levels through zero-day defense blocking of malicious websites and essential MDM features of locate, lock and wipe.