Case Study

Productivity & Cost Control for Mobile Business

Taurus Technologies, an innovative Audio-Visual commercial integrator based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, deployed Asavie Moda as a flexible mobility management solution to enhance security and avoid data overages. Leveraging Asavie, they experienced significant improvements in the productivity of their workforce by limiting access to distractions such as gaming and online sports.


The company’s workforce has been highly mobile since day one. Sales and on-the-road technicians use a mix of operating systems and mobile devices like iPads, Samsung Galaxy phones and various laptops. They ensure customer satisfaction by having information from their CRM, project management systems and service agreements to hand.

The problem was that mobile data usage spiraled out of control because the tablets and laptops were not just used for work.

He needed to find a solution to cap data usage and stop expensive overages.

The biggest offender was movies downloaded and video games. A game is constantly downloading data, and we had some employees playing for hours on end. It got out of hand and we were doubling and nearly tripling our standard monthly bill

Corey Church,

VP of Technical Operations

Solution Deployed

Asavie Moda helped Taurus by providing a flexible mobility management solution to improve security and avoid data overages. Through a self-service portal the company now manages its workforce’s mobile devices through a combination of policies and alerts when thresholds have been reached. These define what employees can and can’t do with their company-issued devices.

Taurus encourages an easy-going culture and allows some personal usage because people are often working away from home. In the early days Taurus monitored activity in the portal and made tweaks to data packages by role within the company. Different roles are given access to different websites, and the data limits vary depending on how business critical their needs are.

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Asavie Moda delivered savings up to $2,500 per month on mobile data overages

Visibility into mobile usage gives maximum predictability into annual spending projections

As a cloud service there is no installation cost and the intuitive UI makes it easy to onboard new users

Asavie Moda has delivered everything Taurus wanted from a mobility management solution, giving the company control and predictability around its mobile workforce.

Monthly bills were once $1,500 and had soared to $2,000, occasionally peaking at $4,000. The monthly licence fee for Asavie Moda licences represents excellent value for money and has paid for itself many times by eliminating these data overages.

With rules established Church only logs in to the portal if there’s a spike in activity and he needs to identify why. He receives alerts if data limits are close to being reached- as they do- and he will have a quiet word if it’s a habitual offender. From a budgetary perspective, it facilitates better yearly spending projections. For the day-today business it has driven a culture of productivity without excessive costs.