eir Business Announces Global Availability of Internet of Things Store Built on Asavie IoT Connectivity Platform

eir IoT Connect Offers Immediate Deployment, Scalability and Control of IoT Projects

DUBLIN, Ireland – January 17 2017: Asavie, the provider of next-generation enterprise mobility management and Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity solutions, announced today that eir Business, the principal provider of fixed-line and mobile telecommunications services in Ireland has announced the global availability of eir IoT Connect, enabling businesses to harness the power of the Internet of Things.

eir Business is the first Irish carrier to launch an online-IoT managed connectivity service with global coverage. eir IoT Connect provides the ability to offer single SIM IoT connections quickly to enterprises and rapidly scale these to thousands of connections as required.

eir IoT Connect is a self-service online store enabling its global users to set up and manage cellular connectivity for IoT devices. It provides small and large businesses with cellular mobile connectivity (including global roaming), offering an online self-service portal to manage IoT assets inside a secure private network. eir IoT Connect is built on Asavie PassBridge™ an IoT connectivity platform designed to enable telecom providers such as eir to deliver highly scalable and secure SIM-based M2M connectivity solutions to global customers.

eir IoT Connect offers businesses of all sizes the opportunity to prototype, build and deploy connected IoT devices quickly and securely with immediate connection to the service. This same day worldwide connection allows businesses anywhere to accelerate IoT innovation reducing time to revenue and smashing sales cycle delays. With no restrictions on the minimum number of connections the service is available to any business regardless of size offering significant opportunities for scalability and flexibility. Transparent pricing offers businesses full visibility of costs with the ability to set data consumption limits, as well as full reporting capabilities.

Bill Archer, Managing Director, eir Business said, “eir IoT Connect is the latest innovative technology solution that eir Business is bringing to market and we are already seeing the huge benefits that it can bring to businesses. Together with Asavie, we are committed to ensuring our customers can access all the benefits of the Internet of Things. Our online store offers customers immediate deployment, scalability and control of IoT projects. The reliability, security and reach of the eir network, together with our analytic tools, make it easier than ever for our customers to benefit from advances in IoT deployments, as well as gaining the intelligence needed to drive business decisions.”

Ralph Shaw, CEO, Asavie said, “We are delighted to partner with eir Business to deliver its IoT Connectivity management solution. IoT Connect is built on our secure connectivity platform to enable global enterprise of all sizes to immediately deploy and scale their IoT projects. By securely managing their connection to the Internet and eliminating the typical delays in deployment and revenue generation, enterprises can immediately benefit from the IoT economy.”

eir IoT Connect enables businesses to create, control and manage their private network static IP address, set data usage policies, as well as regional usage restrictions, all fully integrated with flexible SIM life-cycle management, which offers organizations unprecedented levels of control. From a security perspective, eir IoT Connect offers users a private APN, which is invisible to the public Internet, delivering real-time alerts of usage patterns, as well as the ability to recognise unusual activity, and provide notifications of breaches in usage policies.

About Asavie
Asavie makes connectivity simple. The Asavie PassBridge™ platform delivers on demand connectivity services to manage and secure connectivity across diverse networks, at scale. In partnership with over 20 leading mobile operators including AT&T, Telefonica, Three and Vodafone, aswell as hardware providers such as Dell, Asavie enables over 10,000 end-user enterprises large and small to scale their smart, connected projects resulting in increased cost savings and rapid delivery of new services to market.
About eir
eir is the principal provider of fixed-line and mobile telecommunications services in Ireland with approximately 2.3 million customers. The company has the most extensive fixed and mobile network in Ireland and provides a comprehensive range of advanced voice, data, broadband, TV and ICT services to the residential, small business, enterprise and public sector markets. The wholesale division, Open eir, is the largest wholesale provider in Ireland with more than 40 operators using our network. In 2013, eir was the first operator to launch 4G services in Ireland.
The company has 3,300 full time equivalent employees. The cornerstone of the company’s current €2.5 billion strategic investment programme is the construction of Ireland’s largest fibre broadband network that will reach 1.9 million homes and businesses by the end of 2020 using FTTC and FTTH technologies.


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