Frightening Enterprise Mobile Security Facts

Octavio Hernandez

2017 has seen a huge increase in security vulnerabilities like Krack, Bad Rabbit and Android Wi-Fi. Operators need to look beyond device and app security and add value at your core.

Very often the network can be the blind spot when it comes to mobile security.

The Factors Holding Back Enterprise Mobility
  • 70% of workplace devices are unmanaged, meaning they lack appropriate security such as passwords, remote data wiping and encryption.
  • More than half of company data is now accessed outside the corporate network.
  • Mobile malware has been rising by over 100% over the past two years.
  • GDPR is one of the largest drivers of mobile security investment in Europe in 2017.
The Growing Importance of Mobile Network Security
  • >40% believe network security is most important priority for enterprise mobility investment in 2017.
  • More than a quarter believe mobile operators were top of the list in influence when it came to buying mobile technology such as devices, applications and services.
  • With mobile malware rising by over 100% over the past two years alone, leading mobile operators are now increasing their focus on mobile and network security as a result.
Security at the heart of enterprise mobility and connectivity
  • Asavie partners with many of world’s leading mobile network operators- such as AT&T, Telefonica, Verizon and Vodafone – to provide secure mobile management services into their SMB, enterprise and federal customers.
  • AT&T’s partnership with Asavie is an important example of an operator reaping the rewards and seizing a more relevant role for itself through a focus on mobile and network security.
  • Across the telcos we work with we have trained 45,000 sales staff in 6,500 retail stores.

Mobile Security White Paper

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