Insights from our Global CXO Study into The Future of Work

Octavio Hernandez

You may have noticed by now that we have been talking a lot about the Future of Work and Branch of One® here at Asavie. We read a lot about it, and we wrote a lot about it too. We wanted to know what business leaders thought about the challenges they face going forward and how mobility is going to play a role in their strategy. So, we decided to ask them. For this purpose, we commissioned an ambitious and comprehensive study of over 1,000 global C-Suite leaders, in July through Sept this year. In this article we share some of the insights we got from their responses.

Eyes on Customer Experience

Organizations are facing an unprecedented challenge this year. They’ve had to make significant changes to their business processes and employee engagement strategies just to cope with the initial impact of COVID-19. As businesses look ahead towards the recovery phase, we see that Customer Experience (CX) and a reinvigorated impetus on digital transformation dominate the agenda of global business leaders. In fact, 61% of CXOs have highlighted customer experience as key to their business priorities going forward. Spoiler alert – Cost reduction was not a major business priority!

Organizations are vulnerable

Unfortunately, organizations have also become a lot more susceptible to the threat of cyberattacks. In fact, 44% of the participants of our survey acknowledged that they have suffered a cyberattack incident during COVID-19. More importantly, we found that of these organizations, a staggering 87% stated that their employee devices had been compromised. The questions become inevitable: are our mobile security and enterprise networking strategies ready for what’s effectively become the new normal of working? How do we secure and manage our mobile devices in a manner that is agnostic of the network and the device?

Securing employees is a problem

Despite the figures above, CXOs still haven’t figured out the answer to securing employees working outside the perimeter of the corporate firewall. 39% of the survey respondents say scaling endpoint security is one of their major issues. In larger companies its an even bigger issue! The fact is, traditional network solutions that worked before, won’t cut it in the new world where the organization needs to support an employee that is nomadic by nature. Organizations should no longer treat mobile devices as being separate from the WAN. Instead, they should be part of the network the same way as laptops and other devices.

Supporting the a secure office anywhere is key

It is clear that the Future of Work will demand enhanced support for remote workers at home, in the office or at shared working spaces that act as branches of the main office at any given time. This means organizations must secure devices irrespective of where people work and irrespective of the network they use.

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