From Black Friday to a great Friday for employers

by Liz Edwards for blog, MODA


Is it just me, or are the Black Friday “bargains” not very good deals at all? “Discounts” are often more expensive than the RRP. Retailers are starting to promote their deals at least a week before the day. In fact, Amazon’s Black Friday deals seem to have been available all November! So not only is the day of discounts dead, the searches for the best deals can take up the whole month of November.

In the run up to Thanksgiving you may have seen a spike in mobile data traffic. Your staff could be researching the best deals on an Oculus Rift, the Alexa, a new party outfit, or the latest Trolls paraphernalia for their Christmas shopping list. If you calculate how much time all your staff spend on those searches, you may see a serious dip in productivity.

Block shopping with Asavie Moda at the click of a button


Shopping is a default category in Asavie Moda. Our categorisation covers the ActiveWeb, with real-time Auto Categorization of new websites and provides comprehensive, real-time malicious website detection.

If you’re an employer, you probably don’t want your employees researching and shopping during work hours. Not only will it will affect productivity, it could cost you money. With Asavie Moda you can block shopping, enabling your workers to concentrate on getting the job done. And no risk of overages!

For more information on how Asavie’s data control solution can manage nearly 1 billion websites in 26 categories, visit our Asavie Moda page

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