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Simplifying cellular IoT connectvity

iSimplyConnect is designed for carriers to address the maker and developer community with more agile and flexible connectivity options for cellular IoT. The solution offers makers and developers the option to take their things off the public internet and limit exposure to cybersecurity exploits.

iSimplyConnect enables:

  • Carriers with a combined solution of a marketplace for connectivity purchase and a management portal for customers to self-provision their own IP networks
  • A self-service web based portal, which abstracts the complexity of deploying segmented IP networks with robust security postures for the end-user
Asavie IoT accelerator kit

Industrial IoT accelerator kit

iSimplyConnect is used to power the connectivity of an Industrial IoT accelerator kit which includes the Dell Edge Gateway 3000 and Zigbee enabled temperature probes from Episensor. The kit enables users to deploy out of the box an industrial grade temperature monitoring solution. The accelerator kit is available for purchase today, simply click the Order Now button and purchase online.

Integrated Carrier services

Purchase, Provision, Activate and Manage

iSimplyConnect provides carrier’s with a complete process flow from purchase enablement through to self-servicing IP networks for subscriber IoT deployments. iSimplyConnect enables carriers address the low volume market of hundreds of connections, when the developer is building initial proof of concepts.

As a value-add extension to existing carrier SIM lifecycle management platforms, iSimplyConnect extends the carrier’s network to the cloud mile. The solution helps the carrier to further differentiate its unique IoT service offering through agile IP network deployments with the industry’s most robust end-to-end security for IoT.

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Connectivity for the developer

Integrated connectivity and network management

iSimplyConnect enables makers and developers with a simplified approach to enabling private networks for IoT deployments. The community can from a single web resource – purchase, provision, activate IoT connectivity and manage IP networks on-demand.

From initial proof of concepts, the maker and developer community gains access to a private network which they can self-manage in real-time i.e. no need to negotiate change-requests with the carrier. From the community perspective, this offers the necessary agility to scale with confidence knowing that the security perimeter is never altered.

iSimplyConnect Marketplace

The online marketplace includes a section of demonstrable recipes, enabling IoT developers to quickly connect their IoT project to where they need. If you are a carrier and would like to trial iSimplyConnect please email

To learn more, please visit