Multi-layer visibility, security & control for mobile devices

Asavie & IBM

Asavie and IBM work together to create a multi-layer ecosystem where visibility, security and control are at the core of the business, driving the mobile enterprise towards new heights in productivity and innovation.

Together, we protect mobile data both in transit and at the endpoint, we provide secure access to business content and applications for employees on the move and we make sure employees enjoy a safe and tailored internet experience on their mobile devices.

Together, we make enterprise mobility a reality.

Asavie Moda

Asavie Moda is a mobility service that optimizes employee productivity and gives your business control and visibility to ensure a safe mobile internet experience for all users. Asavie Moda, protects your business from cyber-attacks before they happen, while providing access to the right applications to make employees productive on the go.  

In-depth collaboration

The combination of Asavie Moda’s network layer security controls with IBM MaaS360 endpoint device management offers a multi-layer solution to secure and manage the mobile workforce across a range of smartphones, tablets and field-force mobile devices.

IBM combines MaaS360 with adjacent IBM products in areas such as mobile threat detection, cloud access security broker (CASB) and identity and access management (IAM), to provide mobile device compliance and app management capabilities.

Asavie Moda extends IBM MaaS360’s policies into the network, providing real-time visibility, control and security for all data transit to and from the mobile devices.