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Retail: Enabling Predictive Maintenance to Go

Retail outlets are racing to implement a “connected store” IoT strategy in order to reduce maintenance costs and increase the efficiencies of its retail operations. Apart from the need to comply with financial regulations for the capture and use of consumers’ financial details, the stores need to also ensure that their machines are protected from potential DDoS attacks.
Learn how Asavie connects a leading global coffee chain’s machines.

Medtech: Connecting Patients Remotely

Reliably connecting and securing data from patient devices to centralized medical records is a regulatory requirement in many MedTech solution offerings. The challenge is further complicated by the need to aggregate data from disparate networks e.g. home-Wi-fi to public internet hotspots, where medical data can be exposed to malicious attack.
Learn more about how Asavie is used in Medtech.

Automotive. Driving Data to where it’s needed

The global automotive industry has revolutionized the in-car experience through bundled services of infotainment and telemetry. A key challenge for the automotive maker is the ability to deliver global connectivity, that can segregate infotainment streams from telemetry data. This helps to reduce costs but more importantly prevent churn on the telemetry services. Find out how Asavie connects the automotive industry.

Food: Enhancing the performance of the nutrition industry

Core to any food manufacturing operation is the need to guarantee the reliability and security of data feeds to and from in-plant manufacturing execution systems to its field force. Diagnostic insights gained help optimize manufacturing efficiencies and legislative requirements are adhered by monitoring cold storage refrigeration trucks transporting food ingredients and products. Read how Asavie enables Glanbia optimize its food supply chain processing.

Industrial IoT: Convergence through Intelligent Networks

The amalgamation of Information Technology and Operation Technology, promises significant advantages in terms of productivity and predictive maintenance for IIoT. However, the challenge for many is how to seamlessly connect and reliably aggregate data from these unique systems to a single data store for analytics which will be used for operational efficiencies.
Find out how Asavie connects Industry.

Emergency Services: Securing first responders

The ability to securely access live data in the field and feed it seamlessly to the first responder is critical to make informed decisions en-route or on-site at the incident. The challenge for the first responder IT team is the complexity and cost of deploying a network which is scalable and can securely aggregate live data feeds from the field, which are accessible by the first responder.
Find out how Asavie securely connects first responders.

FinTech: Innovation for the connected consumer

Many financial institutions are embracing the Internet of Things to enable service differentiation of product offerings to the connected consumer. A key challenge faced in the financial sector is the reliability and security of the data being collected and stored in the cloud.
Find out how Asavie helps the financial services sector connect its subscribers

Field Force: In-vehicle Mobile Management

Drivers are amongst the most mobile employees in any industry. They need to constantly pull and push information to their mobile devices such as customer data, maps, and much more. In doing this they need to comply with company rules. For example, not accessing adult content, and accidentally connecting to malicious and unsecure sites. Furthermore, overuse of mobile data can lead to excessive data costs.
Read more about how Asavie helps in-vehicle mobile control.

Airline: Onboard solutions for digitized cockpit

Airlines are deploying electronic flight bags (EFBs) for its pilots as part of a “paperless cockpit” initiative. These EFBs help flight crews perform flight management tasks more easily and efficiently with less paper. Using these devices, some staff unwittingly access malicious and unsecure sites and inappropriate content. This results in large overages especially whilst roaming from the mobile devices.
Learn more about Asavie’s Electronic Flight Bag solution.

Legal: Secure Legal Workforce on the Move

Law firms must ensure their lawyers have access to the relevant information while meeting stringent privacy and security requirements.  Lawyers need access to time management billing systems, but also standard confidential communication from any device. And there needs to be a failsafe way to ensure all data on a device cannot be stolen. With this increased use of mobile data from client sites, law firms are experiencing large overages.
See how Asavie helps legal firms manage their mobile estate.

Medtech: Next generation mobility for healthcare

Healthcare professionals need access to patient records, hospital reports, and billing systems- from anywhere on any device. Furthermore, they must comply with regulatory and compliance requirements to ensure all patient data is secure and nothing malicious can control what it accesses or accesses it.
Learn how Asavie protects medical practitioners mobile devices

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