IoT Enables Renewable Power Management for Irish Energy Company

Mark Lambe

Mark Lambe and Liam Breathnach speak to Claire Swedberg of IoT Journal on how Solo Energy is deploying a network of batteries for energy storage and distribution based on power generation and price changes, using IoT technology provided by Asavie.

Apr 17, 2018

As alternative energy sources grow—to capture and distribute power from solar or wind power, or other means—the collection, storage and use of that energy is creating challenges previously faced only by large utility companies. Irish energy storage solutions startup Solo Energy has launched a system using Internet of Things (IoT) technology to manage a network of energy storage units that it supplies to power-generating customers in far-reaching places.

Solo Energy provides its batteries at power-generating sites throughout Ireland and the United Kingdom, and the IoT technology enables Solo to manage the operation of each battery at every site, no matter where it is located. IoT connectivity company Asavie provides the private connectivity, ensuring the batteries are not exposed to the public internet, enabling secure data transfer and remote access capabilities for the Solo Energy cloud-management platform.

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