Asavie IoT Connect

On-demand private network connectivity for cellular IoT

Asavie IoT Connect is a self-managed connectivity service that allows companies securely connect, manage and control communications between devices at the IoT edge and application services in the cloud and on-premise. The inbuilt provisioning and automation features reduce the time to develop and deploy IoT projects at scale.


Secure from Day 1

On-demand production ready network that is isolated from the public internet.

Minimize Effort

Automation of network setup and device registration into the cloud.

Faster Time to Market

Eliminates the time needed to architect, build and maintain a secure IoT network.

Lower Cost of Ownership

In real-time, control and manage the operational efficiency of IoT deployments.

Secure from Day 1

Asavie IoT Connect is integrated with global Tier 1 carriers to deliver a custom private cellular connectivity experience for IoT projects.  Asavie IoT Connect provides a highly resilient and secure connection from the cellular network into your own private network that connects to your cloud or on-premise applications.

Private networks

Asavie IoT Connect is underpinned by highly available and resilient private interconnects to carriers across the globe.  You get the benefit of a private interconnect without the upfront costs, hassles and time required to build and maintain a dedicated link.

Securing the IoT edge

Asavie IoT Connect removes the burden of security from the IoT edge and places it into the private network. This network-based approach to security, provides a standard configuration for all cellular devices, eliminating the ability to bypass or tamper with security at the edge.

Remote management

Remote access and management of IoT devices can be tricky in traditional cellular connections. However, with Asavie IoT Connect you can easily remote access to your field devices over the air, saving time and money for the in-life management of your IoT deployment.

Minimize Effort

Asavie IoT Connect simplifies the setup of a highly scalable and secure private network and reduces the need for network or security experience. Within minutes companies can securely connect their IoT devices to cloud platforms and on-premise servers while retaining control and remote access to their IoT device estate.

Ease of use

The intuitive self service web portal takes the pain out of configuring IoT connnectivity. With a few mouse clicks – assign a static private IP address range to the devices, apply network security policies and connect cellular devices to your cloud service provider.

Seamless cloud connectivity

Asavie IoT Connect makes it easy to connect to IoT cloud services through automation of cloud identities. Credentials are provisioned and securely stored in a vault in the private network. With the reduced software needs on the IoT edge, customers can quickly scale connectivity from the IoT edge to the cloud.

Scale on demand

Asavie IoT Connect gives users the flexibility to turn up private networks on-demand and add new devices within minutes. By adopting a standardized approach to connectivity it means IoT projects can scale with ease without impacting existing connections.

Lower Cost of Ownership

Asavie IoT Connect provides real-time visibility and insights into all data usage. The service also allows you to route traffic to where it is required and ensures you retain full control of data consumption and expenditure.


Users set limits on the data that is consumed by a device, helping to protect shared data pool plans. Real-time alerts notify administrators when thresholds are exceeded or of the automated cut-off of any device exceeding set data allowances.


Granular usage reports, with per session/per device visibility help identify anomalies occurring in real-time on the network and  assist in preventing unwanted spend on non-essential or malicious data traffic.

Future proof

Asavie IoT Connect’s flexible networking configuration allows users to change the IoT data destination in real-time. Migrate from on-premise to cloud and even change cloud providers without the need to update software on the IoT edge.

Faster Time to Market

Asavie IoT Connect’s on-demand, secure production ready network makes it quick and easy to scale IoT deployments. It removes the hassles and complexities of evolving your own network management and monitoring tools as your IoT project evolves over time.


Minimize software on the edge

Asavie IoT Connect requires no software on the IoT edge, which reduces the effort and time required to live deployments. Asavie IoT Connect uses the standard SIM card from carriers to authenticate devices into the private network.

Focus on what matters

Our service model provides customers with the peace of mind that Asavie’s support teams are constantly keeping an eye on things. Our support teams are available to assist with any queries, this allows customers to focus on what matters – the IoT application and service development.

API framework

Asavie’s published API and documentation make it easy to integrate IoT connectivity management and reporting into existing business management and reporting systems, giving customers a holistic management experience.

Provision, Activate and Manage IoT connectivity

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