Redefining Mobile and IoT Security for the Future

Mark Lambe

I’m delighted to share with you the news of a new service called Asavie SD Edge that we launched today. Asavie SD Edge is an adjacent service to Asavie SD Mobile and Asavie SD IoT, in which the enterprise can now extend the enterprise private network to the mobile edge to secure both human and machine communications.

In a recent article by AT&T Cybersecurity, it highlights the growing security sprawl associated with digital transformation and uncovers that decentralization of access is a major issue that is quickly becoming untenable. It is these exact problems that we are addressing with Asavie SD Edge. The service offering allows enterprises to self-serve, secure and seamless access to workloads inside the enterprise from mobile and IoT endpoints. By doing so, the fixed network security can be extended to protect the remote endpoints.

Unlike other solutions, we do this without clients on the end devices and without the need for mobile VPN clients. Asavie SD Edge makes the mobile and IoT look like a branch (or branches) of the enterprise private network. With Asavie SD Edge service providers can offer unified management and protection for the entire enterprise estate (fixed, mobile and IoT), with Asavie SD Edge handling the Mobile and IoT devices.

The Disappearing Security Perimeter

As enterprises transform their fixed-line networks, the fact is that mobile and IoT continue to remain outside the protection of the enterprise. With SD-WAN, enterprise CIOs/IT admins have the tools to secure their fixed assets, but mobile and IoT protection are not integrated as part of a holistic solution offering.

The problem is further compounded by the fact that solutions designed for mobile devices with operating systems of Android, iOS, and Windows are not compatible with IoT operating systems. The result is that enterprises have disparate islands of networks and security. This is an inefficient use of IT resources, having to build and maintain multiple silos of secure access solutions.

For example, to access a business application from the mobile requires IT to install an application on the mobile, whereas in IoT there may be the need to develop additional software. This too is a waste of IT resources. At Asavie we believe there is a better way of addressing the disappearing security perimeter by leveraging the enterprise’s investment in SD-WAN.

Redefining Mobile and IoT Security via Private Mobile Network Slices

With Asavie SD Edge, the enterprise can now self-serve a private mobile network slice as part of the integration into their SD-WAN. A mobile (or IoT) SD branch. By including Asavie SD Edge as part of the SD-WAN deployment, enterprises get unified management of all assets, with consistent security policies for both fixed and mobile assets. With Asavie SD Edge, enterprise CIOs and IT admins gain the visibility and control to close potential security gaps associated with their mobile (or IoT) estate.

The Asavie SD Edge private mobile network slice is akin to an always-on VPN that requires no software on the mobile device. This is the clientless aspect of the new service offering. Furthermore, the extension of the Asavie SD Edge private network into the SD-WAN means there is no ability to bypass enterprise security on the mobile/IoT endpoints.

Asavie SD Edge complements the SD-WAN through a programmable network, in which the enterprise can assign private static IP addresses, allowing mobiles to appear as if inside and on the enterprise private network. For the remote worker, they can access with ease enterprise applications and further services such as printers from their mobiles and all without the need for a mobile VPN client.

Capabilities of Asavie SD Edge

Asavie partners with leading SD-WAN vendors to transform mobile and IoT security, in which enterprises can manage mobile endpoints as a branch of the SD-WAN. Advantages of Asavie SD Edge include:

  • Mobile assets managed as part of the enterprise private network
  • A secure network slice of the mobile network
  • Real-time security policy setting by group or individual
  • Clientless deployments – no VPNs needed on the mobile
  • Control of internet breakouts at the mobile edge
  • Integrated business intelligence reporting, with support for Power BI and Tableau

Get the Asavie Edge

As SD-WAN vendors lay out their stalls for SD-WAN 2.0, now is the time to redefine mobile security. With the launch of SD Edge, Asavie is closing the gap between fixed and mobile security in SD-WAN. Enterprises now get unified management of their fixed and mobile assets, allowing enterprises to maximize the return of investment in SD-WAN.

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