Let your People Roam!

by Keith O'Byrne for blog, EMM


Tuesday’s Irish Independent made for uncomfortable reading to anyone planning a trip. At least, anyone planning to bring a mobile phone, data enabled tablet or USB modem. And today, few people fall outside that category. We all know that roaming can be expensive, even with new EU laws. (See my previous blog about the abolishing of mobile roaming charges in the EU) – KillBiller’s analysis put real world numbers on the problem but what about solutions?

Identify the problem, implement a solution.

Tracking your usage is a valuable first step to containing the problem but consumers and businesses don’t have to be passive about this. You need to demand control over data usage to ensure you get best value for every kilobyte and megabyte that you use. Instead of a mystery ‘35MB’ line item on a bill (App Update? Important Email? Who knows?), wouldn’t it be nice to know for certain that, whilst roaming, your SIM would only access that services you wanted irrespective of what a device or App tried to do.

You make the rules

Asavie’s Moda provides a solution to carriers that enable just that. Businesses can control their data usage at the SIM level. Ask your carrier about Asavie’s Moda data control service or contact us directly to find out more.https://www.asavie.com/products/asavie-moda/

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