Media & Telecoms, the main targets of cyberattacks during COVID-19

Octavio Hernandez

“44% of organizations acknowledged that they had faced cyberattacks during COVID-19 specifically due to remote working.”

Source: Asavie Global CXO Study: The Future of the Secure Office Anywhere

So much has changed in the space of six months, that 2020 could go down in history as the year that transformed industries and businesses forever. Just look at the articles posted around this time last year. There was talk about the rise of the digital enterprise and the need for IT to deliver the tools required to meet the digital expectations. Cybersecurity, while part of the conversation, was never at the top of the business priority list unless there was a major data breach.

In our recent Global CXO Study, we asked over 1,000 CXOs across more than 25 industry verticals about their challenges including those directly related to COVID-19. Not surprisingly, many of them mentioned cyberattacks directly related to remote working as one of them.

Cyberattacks concentrated on Media & Telecoms sectors

Since the start of the pandemic, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in cyberattacks across all industry sectors. In a previous blog post, we discussed how cybercriminals  had targeted the healthcare sector through ransomware. Our study reveals that it wasn’t just healthcare under attack during the pandemic. In fact, 44% of all respondents admitted to being the target of an attack specifically due to remote working. Even though there was a spread across verticals, it seems like cybercriminals concentrated their efforts on industries that had to pivot fast to provide essential services. Interestingly, Media & Telecoms were the main targets of these attacks.

Take the media industry in isolation for example. There are several sub-verticals like video streaming, social media, and news websites that have experienced increased traffic as a result of the pandemic. This has motivated cybercriminals to exploit them for financial gain, misinformation or reputational damage. Even though hackers tried several types of attacks, the easiest route to such platforms was through their employees working outside the security of the corporate firewall.

Main targets of cyberattacks during COVID-19


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Securing mobiles devices is a key priority globally

In our study, we noticed the types of cyberattacks during COVID-19 vary significantly across regions. However, compromised devices stand out as a consistent global challenge. This underlines how important securing mobile devices has become in combating cyberattacks. Going forward, organizations are increasingly aware that securing their mobile endpoints will not only protect data but will help them achieve their business objectives in the long term. In fact, our study shows that as many as 75% of organizations rate mobile security as an important or very important part of their digital transformation strategy.

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