Secure mobile data with Asavie

Octavio Hernandez

The Mobile Security Agenda

As organisations embark on their ICT strategies for 2017, I’m guessing that mobility and security will be topping many agendas.  Everyone now understands the productivity benefits you get from mobilizing a workforce, empowering employees with smart devices that break down office walls and make working anywhere a reality. The challenge is keeping all mobiles secure.

Research from CCS Insight suggest that mobile security is often the biggest challenge for enterprises when rolling out mobile strategies. In fact Analysts warn that mobile security is one of the weakest links in enterprise security, a constantly shifting perimeter that challenges traditional firewalls and end point security tools. MDM (Mobile Device Management) systems offer one route in moderating cyber threats. But they can be clunky to deploy and emulate desktop solutions that are woefully inadequate when it comes to countering mobile threats.

With the new release of Asavie Moda we wanted to take on the challenge of keeping data safe with a solution that is simple to use and allows organisations to pursue their mobile strategies while negating security risks. With this in mind we’ve made three significant additions:

1. At-a-glance dashboard

Key insights at a glance

The first thing that administrators now see when they log into the Asavie Moda portal is a dashboard that keeps them up to date with the mobile security status. Specifically, there are two features prominently displayed for a real-time snapshot.  The Network Shield option lets you see that polices are turned on and activated, while Device Shield shows the geographic distribution of company devices and confirmation that password controls and device connectivity profiles are in use. At the same time, automated emails are proactively pushed out to administrators, reminding them to log in and check their status.

2. Data control over WiFi (available March 2017)

Responding to customer feedback we have extended the reach of Asavie Moda to cover WiFi networks as well as cellular, which, according to research, can account for as much as 70-90 per cent of smartphone data traffic. With the Asavie Moda App, it’s now possible to improve mobile security and to block websites and set policies around WiFi traffic, through the same secure portal that administrators use for mobile.

3. More granular website categorization

fine grained policyMeeting the needs of larger organizations with more detailed security requirements, we are now providing 150 website sub-categories in addition to the 26 we have offered up to date. Both lists are extracted from machine learning technology that analyzes 500 million end-user behaviors and 100s of millions of websites per day.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning

Our ability to continuously enhance, optimize and tune malicious detection capabilities and marry it with unique SIM-based policy setting is why Asavie Moda is the best way to mitigate risk in an ever-changing threat landscape.

Crucially, we continue to keep complexity in the background.  The new dashboard provides a snapshot of what administrators need to know – have the policies been activated and are all devices covered? It’s the latest in a long line of initiatives from us that try to make security as painless as possible.

It helps, of course, that Asavie Moda is a cloud-based service – no hardware/software investment required – that’s easy to set and up and configure. With a secure password, administrators simply log in to a dedicated portal where they can set parameters on a user or group basis, ensuring that data access is aligned to the policies of the organisation, meeting compliance and governance requirements.

All types of organisation will reap the security benefits of Asavie Moda, but in different ways. For the larger enterprise it’s the missing piece in a portfolio of enterprise mobility management solutions; for smaller firms, a one-stop solution that delivers all they need with none of the complexity of other products. For them, the ability to remotely locate, lock and wipe lost or stolen devices is another key feature.

And that’s just the mobile security side of Asavie Moda – it also helps organisations control the cost of mobile data. With more features coming on track in 2017, we like to think we’re making ourselves indispensable to any organisation that wants to make mobility fundamental to their business strategy.

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