Maturing IoT: platforms, sensors, utility?

by Asavie Press for blog, IOT

Asavie CTO, Tom Maher, was recently interviewed by Jason Walsh of TechCentral about how real-time connectivity fundamentally changes business and where IoT really takes over is when the business is running hyper-distributed applications across every asset they own,

“When we talk about digitalisation and IoT, fundamentally it’s all about ‘softwareisation’ and what that enables. We’ve been in this for quite a while and we’ve seen things like metering: single use case devices, with a clear return on investment. What we’re beginning to see now, though, is a more fundamental transformation, where businesses are saying everything I have is already a computer.”

This, he says, is beginning to drive a different attitude to what can be done with the IoT, and even what kinds of business models it can support.

Read the full article here:

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