Multi-layer Visibility & Control for all Mobile Devices

Asavie Moda integrates with Microsoft Intune to manage and protect the secure connectivity experience of mobile workforces. Enterprises are using Asavie IoT Connect in conjunction with Azure IoT Hub to remove the cyber-security threats impacting IoT deployments globally.

Asavie Moda maximizes the enterprise investment in M365 and boosts enterprise productivity on a global scale.


Zero gap visibility of all IP traffic that delivers unparalleled insights and improves the ability of IT teams to make decisions regarding usage policies and security.


Through the integration with Intune, enterprises can extend their usage policies from the device into the network. This translates into extended compliance and productivity without distractions.


Asavie Moda removes data traffic from the public internet, putting it outside the reach of malicious actors. Its content categorization  feature blocks unknown or unregistered sites that could trigger a malware attack or inappropriate content.

Network-based &Device Agnostic for Total Control


Microsoft Intune

Asavie and Microsoft Intune offer a multi-layer, defense-in-depth approach to enterprise mobility and security. The combination of Asavie Moda’s network layer security controls with Microsoft Intune for Unified Endpoint Management offers an unrivaled solution to secure and manage enterprise data and applications across a range of smart phones, tablets and field-force mobile devices.

Microsoft Azure IoT Hub

At Asavie, we believe industrial devices should not be exposed to the internet. Using Asavie IoT Connect for secure connectivity, enterprises get an isolated private network to the Azure cloud, thereby eliminating the exposure to cyber threats.
Asavie IoT Connect in collaboration with Azure IoT Hub, simplifies cellular industrial IoT deployments by reducing the human and/or infrastructure resources, along with the effort needed to connect and enroll the IoT devices to the Azure cloud. Enterprises can rapidly develop and iterate, from proof of concept to production, with sustainable and stable running costs today and into the future.