Missing piece in mobile management jigsaw

by Liz Edwards for blog, EMM

Hand holding mobile phone with Business solution word over jigsaw puzzle pieces against the light

The first thing we do when we talk to organizations about our flagship product, Asavia Moda, is dispel some preconceived notions. Having already invested in a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution and embarked on an Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) program, many organizations think the job is done. In fact, they have assembled a jigsaw only to discover crucial pieces are missing.

Our customers have lots of different mobility requirements. Our smaller customers, want a simple solution that can be deployed quickly, and does not need in house expertise. Our bigger customers have a large and highly skilled IT and security department who cobble together complex solutions from lots of suppliers. All sizes of organizations want the same thing- to give their remote workers the right tool to work more productively and ensure that what they’re doing is secure and compliant.

IDC predicts that over 40 per cent of the European workforce will be mobile in 2016

Weakest Link

Meanwhile, cybercriminals identified mobile devices and remote access as the weakest link in the corporate network.  (See the blog from Asavie’s Donal O’Callaghan on “Blocking cyber threats at source”.) The problem is that traditional MDM and EMM solutions depend on the kind of clunky IT processes that characterize the management of the desktop lifecycle, with security protocols and procedures that are simply not agile enough to cope with fast-changing mobile services.

Regardless of whether your organization opts for a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) approach or COPE (Company-Owned Personally Enabled), it’s notoriously difficult to impose watertight rules around SIM-based kit – not just smartphones, but dongles and MiFi-type devices as well. MDM and EMM provide blunt controls at best, turning off the data roaming capability or imposing restrictive and complex usage policies that can undermine productivity.

The challenge is creating an environment that encourages “work anywhere” productivity without exposing the organization to unnecessary risks and costs. This is where we can help complete the jigsaw.

Asavie Moda is an Enterprise Mobility Management solution that’s quite unique because it’s SIM-based. What this means is that policies and access rules are set for each employee on their SIM card so that the business has greater control over mobile devices.

Plug the gap

By managing mobility at SIM level, you put yourself in control of your mobile workforce in way that guarantees enforcement. And you can do it without a huge administrative burden because Asavie Moda is cloud-based. Every customer is given password access to an online portal where they can set their SIM-based rules.

The latest release of Asavie Moda offers enhanced mobile security for Android devices, (already available on iOS) with real-time insight into the productivity of the mobile workforces. These insights enable companies to set optimum employee mobile data usage policies. By managing what mobile data staff access, companies improve employee productivity and avoid excessive mobile data costs.

This gives you total control over what can be accessed from a productivity point of view and what’s safe to use in terms of security. Crucially, it also allows you to put an end to non-work related data downloads and excessive roaming charges that cause “bill shock” when employees go over their allotted data packages.

The default starting point in Asavie Moda is to permit or deny access to 26 categories of web site covering 900 million domains. You can limit internet access speeds, set mobile data volumes and gain insights into what your mobile workforce is up to with a reporting feature. If a device is lost or stolen, you can lock and wipe it remotely.

ebookFor smaller firms, Asavie Moda is one-stop solution and may be all you need to manage your mobile workforce. For the larger enterprise, it’s an easy-to-deploy solution that plugs a gap left open by your existing MDM and EMM investments.

If it is time to look at your mobility strategy, take a look at the latest Asavie EMM eBook.




You may also like to know that Asavie has been named as one of Ireland’s ‘Best Managed’ companies in the Deloitte Best Managed Companies Awards Programme

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