Asavie Mobile to Cloud (Mo2C)

Zero trust networks for enterprise IoT mobility

Asavie Mobile to Cloud (Mo2C) is a zero-trust network service used to secure cellular IoT deployments of machine-to-machine and human-to-machine from cyberthreat.

Asavie Mo2C provides a unified approach to secure on-demand connectivity, eliminating the complexity of protecting IoT devices and human interactions from cyberthreat. With flexible and agile networks, enterprises accelerate their digital transformation strategy, safely connecting from anywhere to any cloud. The simplified approach to self-serve secure connectivity allows enterprises to scale with confidence.


Asavie Mo2C addresses enterprises challenges of:

Securing IoT deployments

The private isolated network provides protection for the enterprise mobile fleet from day 1. With agile security policies, enterprises can offer a safe mobile experience for IoT user interactions. Coupled with a security strategy of least privilege, assures the machine-to-machine use case is safe from cyberthreat.

Deployment complexity

The self-serve service provides an automation framework, that requires minimal expertise, to turn-up a private network. In minutes, enterprises can have the IoT edge securely transmitting data to the cloud and/or on-premise.

Cost of Ownership

In real-time, get the visibility and control to manage the operational efficiency of the enterprise mobile estate. With multiple connector options for on-premise and public clouds, enterprises de-risk their cloud migration strategies, retaining the flexibility to route data to where-ever without impact to the IoT edge.

Time to delivery

Eliminates the need, time and effort of architecting, building and managing a secure network for digital transformation. Furthermore, the “as a service” model eliminates the hassle of having to maintain security updates associated with do-it-yourself networks.

Agile security for IoT mobility

Asavie Mo2C provides a highly resilient and secure connection from the mobile network operator into a dedicated tenanted private network. By taking enterprise devices off the public internet mitigates against cyberthreats of phishing, botnets or crypto jacking.

Private networks

Asavie Mo2C is underpinned by highly available and resilient private interconnects to mobile carriers across the globe. Enterprises get the benefit of a private interconnect without the upfront costs, hassles and time required to build and maintain a dedicated link.

Threat prevention

Through continuous monitoring of millions of websites to identify malicious content, Asavie Mo2C provides zero-day protection. Blocking all untrusted and suspicious websites by default, ensuring devices and users do not succumb to vulnerabilities.

Private static IP

The use of a private IP address makes the device invisible to the outside world, providing a defense in depth strategy for the mobile estate. Furthermore, Asavie Mo2C secure remote access allows enterprises to identify and connect to each individual device for in-life management.

Accelerate digital transformation

Asavie Mo2C simplifies the setup of a highly scalable and secure private networks and reduces the need for network or security experience. Within minutes enterprises can securely connect their cellular estate to cloud platforms and on-premise servers. The flexible network configuration allows enterprises to accelerate cloud adoption whilst maintaining access to on-premise enterprise applications.

Ease of use, self-serve

The intuitive self-service web portal takes the pain out of configuring private connectivity. With a few mouse clicks provision a private network; by choosing from a range of enterprise and cloud connectors, assign the static private IP address range, apply network security policies.

Scale on-demand

Asavie Mo2C provides flexible network configurations that allow enterprises to start small and to grow on-demand. New devices can be operational in minutes, without disruption to the live deployment.

Connect to anywhere

Asavie Mo2C network connectors simplify access to any cloud or enterprise application. The cloud connector identity provisioning service automates access to public clouds. In which credentials are stored in a vault in the private network, eliminating the need for credentials on the edge. Enterprise connectors support various secure tunneling of IPoverTLS, IPsec and SD-WAN to on-premise applications.

Transform customer experiences

Asavie Mo2C on-demand, secure production ready network makes it quick and easy to deploy and scale secure mobile deployments. Enterprises can quickly access the data necessary to transform the customer experience without the hassles, complexities and costs of evolving network management and monitoring tools.


Asavie Mo2C plays a central role in the execution of a holistic data compliance strategy. Enterprises can enforce policies on any SIM-enabled device in compliance with industry regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA and SOX.

Focus on what matters

Asavie’s service model provides customers with the peace of mind that Asavie’s support teams are constantly keeping an eye on things. Our support teams are available to assist with any queries, allowing enterprises to focus on what matters – the enterprise application and service delivery.

Business ready

Asavie’s published API and documentation make it easy to integrate mobile connectivity management and reporting into existing business management and reporting systems, giving enterprises a holistic management experience, saving time and money.

Future proofing

Asavie Mo2C provides real-time visibility and insights of the entire mobile estate, allowing enterprises to forecast in confidence monthly expenditure. With the ability to personalize internet access for devices and the user internet experience, enterprises have complete control going forward.


Data management

Define and tailor data usage rules based on the needs of deployment and specific device groups or user applications. With Asavie Mo2C, you can set up data caps locally or globally in line with mobile operator data plans.

Real-time reports

Granular usage reports, with per session/per device visibility help identify anomalies occurring in real-time on the network and assist in preventing unwanted spend on non-essential or malicious data traffic throughout the billing period.

Future proof

The flexible networking configuration allows enterprises to migrate traffic between clouds, assuring the best value for data analytics. Migrate from on-premise to cloud and/or change cloud providers without compromise to the IoT edge or network.

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