Mobile data and Finding Love on Valentine’s day

by Liz Edwards for blog, EMM

Is the office the best place to find love? Some employees are doing it all wrong, and costing businesses up to $650bn a year in the process!

One of our US customers recently asked us to help find out what sites their employees were visiting because they needed help in controlling mobile data costs. A few months ago they implemented a mobile first strategy by mobilising 75 of their employees with 4G smartphones. They had meticulously planned for TCO, keying in cost of hardware and licencing, mobile plans, services, security solutions, etc. They weighed these costs against the expected productivity gains of having access to the right information and systems when away from their desk. It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.valentine

Each employee had a generous mobile data plan that should have covered their business needs. With Asavie Moda they blocked out the noise they didn’t need to see- blocking ads, restricting access to malicious sites, and denying streaming videos (with a few exceptions).  They slowed down speed of access to mobile data after those employees had reached 3GB. So why was overall usage still high?


Shockingly, or romantically, the use of dating sites such as TINDER was the culprit. It turned out about a third of employees were not following up customer leads, but were looking for love.

Smartphones, time-wasting websites and gossip can cost U.S. companies an estimated $650 billion a year.

And this has only increased over the last few years. According to the latest Cisco VNI report, the past 10 years has seen mobile data traffic has increased 6,000-fold. Over the past 15 years, it has increased an incredible 600-million-fold.

The right reporting tools can help improve productivity of your mobile workforce

Do you know what sites your staff are visiting? You can’t always plan for every eventuality, so having the right reporting tool can help analyse what is being used, and subsequently create the perfect policies.

Restricting access to certain sites can not only help improve productivity, it can prevent malicious attacks on mobiles. And with the detailed reporting available from Asavie Moda, you can gain real insights into your mobile workforce’s productivity and behaviour.

So as Valentine’ Day approaches this year, be sure to ensure your mobile data policies are up to date!

SIM based solutions for controlling mobile data costs are amongst the most powerful. Learn more in this White Paper.

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