Mobile Malware Risk: Why Prevention is Better than Cure, and What You Can Do About It

Octavio Hernandez

It’s getting to the point where we need to add malware to the list of life’s certainties, along with death and taxes. The WannaCry outbreak saw the ransomware spread to more than 200,000 hosts in over 150 countries worldwide, according to Europol, the EU’s law enforcement agency. The risk of infection from malicious software is growing all the time, because the threat is no longer limited to just laptops or business devices.

Mobile devices are now squarely in attackers’ sights. The security company Kaspersky found that ransomware targeting Android mobile devices increased almost fourfold between March 2015 and 2016. Additionally, attackers recently targeted mobiles belonging to customers of Tencent, the Chinese internet portal, offering fake copies of a legitimate app that would download a copy of ransomware.

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