Asavie Moda

Intelligent Management & Protection for the Mobile Enterprise

Asavie Moda is a mobility service that optimizes employee productivity and gives your business control and visibility to ensure a safe mobile internet experience for all. Asavie Moda, protects your business from cyber-attacks before they happen, while providing access to the right applications to make employees productive on the go.


Secure remote access to business content without online distractions.


Eliminate vulnerabilities and keep mobile traffic safe.


Optimize data management for a tailored business mobile internet experience.


Gain unparalleled 360-degree visibility and insights to drive your policies.


Manage and protect data and devices without boundaries


Your business demands employees always have access to the right business applications, wherever they are. Asavie Moda provides secure remote access to business content and removes all distractions from mobile devices.

Optimized usage

Groups and individuals have different usage requirements. Asavie Moda helps you create a tailored internet experience for each one of them by removing distractions and allowing access to business-only content.

Actionable insights

Put your insights to work. Monitor data usage and potential threats at a glance or in detail. Our granular reports allow you to deep-dive into the observations to understand behaviours and modify policies in real time.

Cellular and Wi-Fi coverage

Gain visibility of data in transit across both cellular and Wi-Fi networks. Eliminate visibility blind spots and protect your employees if they use their mobile devices on unsecured and unencrypted Wi-Fi networks.


Transform data into rich actionable insights with granular visibility of all traffic both accessed and denied. With detailed reporting on data traffic by individuals and groups, zones and usage categories you can make informed decisions about usage policies in real time.

360-degree visibility & control

Asavie Moda is a network-based solution that gives you control of traffic on all mobile devices including ruggedized tablets, routers and Wi-Fi hotspots. Your devices are also protected regardless of the OS version installed.

Policy Enforcement

Create a positive feedback loop between policies and insights. Apply and enforce policies to drive usage behaviours. Utilize observations to provide feedback and guide the future direction of your usage strategy.

UEM integration

Simplify visibility across all your mobile devices. Our solution integrates with the leading UEM solutions in the market to provide a consolidated management and observation point for all your data.


Enterprises often sacrifice security in the push for mobile innovation. Asavie Moda removes all mobile traffic from the public internet where it is vulnerable to hacker attacks like phishing, botnets or crypto-jacking.

Network layer security

Protect mobile devices from zero-day attacks with DNS threat protection. Asavie Moda provides seamless security across cellular and Wi-Fi networks ensuring devices are always protected outside the perimeter of the corporate firewall.

Threat prevention

We analyze millions of websites to identify malicious content that could leave your organization vulnerable to a hacker attack. Asavie Moda blocks all untrusted and suspicious websites by default ensuring your employees are not victims of a phishing attack.

Private static IP

Organizations can identify and connect to each individual device in the field to ensure access to sensitive or confidential data can be managed and restricted. This also means you can prevent Man-in-the-Middle and other malware attacks from unrecognized devices.


You want to empower your employees’ productivity, without losing control of how data is consumed. With Asavie Moda, you can personalize the internet experience for groups and individuals at home and abroad, but also predict with confidence what your ongoing costs will be.

Website categorization

Asavie Moda organizes websites in 26 broad content categories and over 150 sub-categories so you can set access policies that suit the needs of your business or organization all the way down to specific websites.

Data management

Define and tailor data usage rules based on the needs of your organization and specific user groups or individuals. With Asavie Moda, you can also set up data caps locally or globally in line with mobile operator data plans.


Asavie Moda plays a central role in the execution of a holistic data compliance strategy. You can enforce policies on any SIM-enabled device in compliance with industry regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA and SOX.


Manage and protect the internet experience of mobile employees across carriers and geographical regions. Unleash mobile productivity without limitations or distractions.

Cross-carrier solution

Eliminate barriers to employee mobility and productivity on the go. Enable multi-carrier or multi-region mobility deployments and roll out a mobility strategy suitable for all your employees everywhere.

Compliance without complexity

Ensure mobile usage policies are applied consistently across the entire employee base and strengthen your compliance with internal and external regulations. Customize usage rules to suits the needs of different groups or regions.

Extended visibility

Zero-gap visibility of usage and devices under one single pane of glass that can be accessed easily for analysis and policy guidance. Better visibility means better information and enhanced decision making for IT teams.