Are online ads feasting on your mobile data allowance?

by Liz Edwards for blog, EMM
Online ads can use a huge amount of your mobile data allowance.

I was scrolling through various news sites on my phone over the weekend while I was supposed to paying attention to my kids, or to my husband, or to my new puppy, or I don’t know who. All I know I got a lot of complaints about not paying attention to my loved ones.

But it’s not my fault I protest. I’m just trying to read one article; I’m just waiting for this app to open; I just want to finish reading these comments. But the truth is I’d be able to pay them twice as much attention if the content would just load up quicker. We could blame the “kind of fast” internet connection I have at home. But in reality a big part of the problem is the online ads that keep showing up. (That I don’t read!)

OnlineAdBlock2You know those pesky ads that keep popping up on your mobile device? For me, it slows down the performance of the phone, it is annoying by cluttering up the pages that I’m trying to view, as well as draining precious battery. There are plenty of websites out there where the online ads can take 10M or more, consuming a decent chunk of your mobile data plan. If it’s a business device, those online ads can cost the CFO a small fortune.

Not only can it end up costing your organisation, it can cause security problems when corrupt tactics are employed. Have a look at our recent blog on mobile threat prevention tools to help with Stagefright vulnerability.

The market is starting to fight back. Apple have an ad blocker software available on iOS9. Google removed their interstitials pushing mobile app on website visitors. Security firms are developing tools to identify offending apps.

Advertisers are worried that demand from frustrated users could result in too many solutions in the market. That could damage their potential earnings.

Digital advertising will account for around €155bn, or 31.4pc, of the €494bn that media agency ZenithOptimedia estimates will be spent on advertising globally in 2015.  (Source: the Independent)

Your concern should be with your own costs and security of your data, not of spoiling the digital marketing revenue potential.

With Moda from Asavie, you can block ads, as well as being able to see how much data you’ve used, and what categories of internet sites you have permission to access. That’s a great way to keep secure, manage and control your mobile data costs using just one tool. Moda has a categorisation engine which controls access to nearly 1Bn online websites/service, and has three categories specifically designed to protect your users from online nasties. Simply denying access to any site online categorised as Malicious, Anonymiser or Online Ads ensures your company SIMs are protected from accidental/inadvertent access to sites online that could burn through your data allowance, or, worse still, ending up on sites that host malicious content. onlineAdBlock

For more details about controlling your mobile data usage and blocking those troublesome ad, contact your local mobile carrier, or us directly to hear more about Asavie Moda.

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