Generate Revenues & Minimize Friction

Connect mobile users to enterprise clouds and applications via SD-WAN, without the hassle of using VPN clients.

Allows enterprise IT managers to extend security policies beyond branch to mobile users and IoT devices.

Give CIOs enhanced visibility and control of devices, users and applications, regardless of location.

Enable MSPs deliver secure and policy-driven enterprise-wide SD-WAN services, without need for VPN clients on mobile devices.

Innovation that Accelerates the Transition to a Mobile-First, Digital Enterprise 

Asavie enables Managed Service Providers accelerate their enterprise customers' digital transformation journeys by unifying the management of mobile and IoT assets under the SD-WAN. Service providers create new revenue opportunities and minimize deployment friction with Asavie's unique clientless service. We support our partners with joint marketing, lead sharing and training programs.

Grow your Business & Increase your Revenues

Transition your customers faster to a mobile-first digital enterprise without losing control.

Innovate to Differentiate

Our security services create vital competitive differentiation to help you across your customer base. Innovate to grow your market share and drive new revenues.

Increase Revenues

Self-serve design makes it easy to on-board new businesses and keep existing customers engaged as they adapt in a post-COVID-19 world.

Invest in Success

We co-fund integrated collaborative marketing campaigns and  deliver certified training to ensure your success.

Solution Brief

Extend the Enterprise Private Network to protect Mobile and IoT Endpoints

Read how enterprises can manage a Mobile and IoT SD- branch as part of the SD-WAN without VPNs or clients.

A Networking Evolution to Enable Digital Transformation

Daniel Collins

Asavie Board
Co-founder & CTO Jasper (acquired by Cisco)

Clavem Research Webinar

Extend the Enterprise SD-WAN & Private Network to the Mobile & IoT Endpoints

Truly seamless, hassle-free mobility and IoT inclusion in the WAN is still missing. Learn from leading analysts, Clavem Research and Asavie, how enterprise CIOs can now deliver a seamless and secure connectivity experience to all mobile and IoT assets, as if inside the enterprise private network and generate greater RoI from their existing SD-WAN investments.

Joel Stradling

Joel Stradling

Founder & Lead Analyst,
Clavem Research

Mick H

Mick Higgins

SVP Product,


The Future is Mobile: Why SD-WAN is Flawed for Secure & Manageable Mobile & IoT Endpoints

Truly seamless, hassle-free mobility and IoT inclusion in the WAN is still missing. This paper from Clavem Research explores the reasons why and introduces Asavie SD Edge as a clientless footprint solution to make your IoT and mobile endpoints behave as if they are within the WAN, and preserve existing SD-WAN investments.

Extending your Enterprise Private Network
to Mobile and IoT Devices

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Extend your Private Network and SD-WAN to Protect your Mobile and IoT Devices