Asavie and AWS have partnered to enable the developer community securely connect their IoT projects into the AWS cloud. Regardless of whether a project is at the early prototyping/proof of concept stage or poised to go into full production deployment, Asavie and AWS can help companies transition their IoT projects quickly and securely from bench to production. By making purchasing secure private IP networking as easy to buy as compute on the AWS cloud, Asavie is helping the next generation of innovators fast track their IoT projects.

“By leveraging the agility of AWS and the additional security provided by Asavie IoT Connect, customers can get their IoT projects going sooner and can generate revenues faster”

Ralph Shaw, Asavie CEO

Joint Solution Brief

Asavie enables a completely private network,
extending from the edge to the AWS VPC.

Download our datasheet on Connecting the IoT Edge to the AWS Cloud.