Partner: Episensor

Industrial IoT sensors securely connected to cloud

EpiSensor provides an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) hardware platform that make it easier to collect data, so people can make better decisions, reduce cost and improve efficiency. The company’s enterprise-class monitoring systems are flexible, scalable, secure, reliable and easy to install. EpiSensor’s systems have improved efficiency and performance for Governments and Fortune 500 customers in Europe, Australia, Asia, and North America.

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Our partnership with Asavie makes it so much easier for our customers to build and deploy full-stack Industrial IoT solutions

Brendan Carroll

CEO, Asavie

Asavie IoT accelerator kit


Asavie PassBridge is powering the connectivity of an Industrial IoT accelerator kit which includes the Dell Edge Gateway 3000 and Zigbee enabled temperature probes from EpiSensor. The kit enables users to deploy out of the box an industrial grade temperature monitoring solution. The accelerator kit is available for purchase today, simply click the Order Now button and purchase online.