Mobile Visibility & Control for the Digital Workplace

 Asavie Moda®  delivers value to organizations in the midst of digital transformation across the public and private sectors. O2 resells Asavie Moda®, a network-based solution to help businesses manage  their digital workplace via mobile security, productivity and compliance for all of their SIM-enabled devices, including smartphones, tablets and wireless routers.


FTSE 100 and large enterprises deploy Asavie Moda as part of a multi-layer, defense-in-depth approach to increase the visibility and control of their mobile data and devices.  


Small businesses value Asavie Moda as an easy-to-use, on-demand service,that provides full visibility, control and essential MDM features for their mobile devices using cellular and Wi-Fi networks


Asavie Moda manages and protects the mobile assets of public sector institutions to ensure their employees remain productive and compliant with industry regulations, shielded from the threats of the public internet.


Asavie delivers innovative value added services for the digital workplace that complement the core O2 MVNO platform offering resold by leading brands to their enterprise customers.

Enabling the Digital Workplace

The Global Mobile Workforce is set to increase by 23.7% over the next 4 years,opening up more ways for an enterprise’s data to be misused and compromised. Consequently, protecting data in the digital workplace has never been more critical. O2 leverages Asavie Moda to give businesses control and visibility to ensure a secure mobile experience for their mobile workforce.

Secure Mobility for Healthcare Workers

With the proliferation of mobile devices and the increased adoption of cloud-based services in the healthcare workspace, there has been a marked escalation in the number of attack vectors threatening healthcare service providers.
O2 and Asavie have joined forces to develop a healthcare tariff bundle that protects sensitive patient information while maintaining productivity and compliance for all healthcare workers as they execute their daily care tasks.