Verizon & Asavie 

Verizon has partnered with Asavie to address the security and mobility challenges encountered by Enterprise and SMB customers when managing their mobile workforce and IoT projects. ​Asavie builds Mobile Private Networks integrated to the Verizon core network, thus enabling a secure and private mobile experience for business, off the public internet.

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Asavie Moda with Verizon

Asavie Moda is uniquely positioned in the network to provide a single pane of glass for enterprises to visualize, manage and secure their mobile data and devices. It moves data through a private channel within the mobile network—away from the public internet—and protects SIM-enabled devices on both cellular and Wi-Fi networks.​


Asavie Moda helps CIOs manage mobile security, productivity and compliance for all their devices, including smartphones, routers, Jetpack Mi-Fis and Wi-Fi hotspots.


Put business data and applications in the hands of the mobile workforce while removing online distractions to keep them


Because of our vantage point in the network, we eliminate visibility gaps across the mobile fleet and provide detailed insights on usage trends.


We prevent malware, phishing and ransomware attacks before they reach the device extending security beyond the corporate firewall.


Secure IoT Connections On Demand

Setting up and running a secure IoT network can be expensive and complicated. Asavie IoT Connect makes it easier by providing an on-demand, enterprise-grade connection that bypasses the public internet. Asavie IoT Connect helps protect you from cyberthreats while giving you full control over—and visibility into—device and site connectivity and IoT data usage. An intuitive, self-service web portal lets you easily manage IoT device communications and updates without IT support.

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Faster Time to Market

Eliminates the time needed to architect, build and maintain a secure IoT network in-house.


Lower Cost of Ownership

In real-time, control and manage the operational efficiency of IoT deployments, includes data usage.


Secure IoT from Day 1

On-demand production ready
network that is isolated from the
public internet.

Mobile Private Networks on Demand

Asavie provides zero-trust networks based on private MPNs as a service, saving on the complexity of self-build and management. This allows businesses to focus on what matters - running a safe and trusted business. Asavie’s enterprise grade private MPNs are the standard Verizon MPN, offering the highest level of reliability, redundancy and security.