Atea with Asavie​

Maximise your Investment in UEM Solutions from Atea

Atea is the leading provider of IT infrastructure solutions in the Nordic and Baltic region with NOK 35 billion in revenue and approximately 7,400 employees (2018). Atea is present in 87 cities in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. The combination of Asavie Moda’s network layer security with Atea’s UEM managed service provides a multi-layer solution to protect and control the enterprise mobile experience across a range of smartphones, tablets and field-force mobile devices.

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Heighten Security

Keep employees safe from hackers and malware attacks by blocking unsafe and unknown websites. Identify and prevent attacks before they reach your devices.

Increase Productivity

Remove online distractions like adult sites or audio and video streaming to keep your employees focused and productive throughout the day.

Zero-gap Visibility

Gain full visibility of all data traffic used by your devices. Get real time usage information to maximize your mobility investment.

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Boost Mobile Efficiencies

Atea leverages Asavie for seamless integration with your existing UEM solution to boost your mobile workforce's efficiency. Asavie's out of the box integrations with leading UEM solutions offers multi-layer, defense-in-depth approach to enterprise mobility and security. There is no additional IT administrative overhead to deploying or updating the integrated solution and policies are automatically enforced across devices and mobile data at the network layer.