Asavie & Digi – Securing the Office Anywhere  

Enabling secure remote working anywhere

Modern organizations require cost-effective, high-speed network access at branches, stores, and other off-site locations. Although wired networks offer proven performance, they are expensive, and difficult to deploy, secure and maintain. In addition, many deployments – such as for mobile kiosks, or POS systems – are often located in hard-to reach spaces that lack reliable wired
or Wi-Fi availability. In a recently commissioned Asavie global survey of C-suite executives 53% of large global enterprises cited scaling endpoint security as
their number one pain point during the pandemic with 44% of CxOs admitted to a cybersecurity incident, specific to remote working.


End-to-End Protection for Remote Workers

Asavie and Digi, both AT&T partners, have joined forces to provide an end-to-end solution that empowers secure remote working for the enterprise.

Combining Digi's EX15 LTE cellular extender with AccessMyLAN, a network-based, enterprise mobility service, businesses can enjoy an office anywhere experience with secure, frictionless access to all business resources, with full mobility. This can be done quickly and easily from a single user to a large team

Secure Remote Working from Anywhere

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Productivity Management

Restrict network traffic solely to business-critical applications for any device connected to the Digi EX15. Business managers can drive productivity by granting group-based permissions.

Network Security

The Digi EX15-AML combination provides strong cybersecurity features at multiple levels out of the box. It identifies malware and malicious content in the cellular network and blocks it before it reaches your locations.

Better Visibility

AML provides detailed reporting on data traffic by individuals and groups, zones and usage categories, so you can make informed, real-time decisions. 

Secure, Reliable, Connections: Securing the Office Anywhere

This presentation, specifically for AT&T sales, provides details about the solution and outlines how to sell the secure office anywhere  for remote workers to your customers.”

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Solution Brief

Download this detailed solution brief to  understand the overall value proposition of this unique collaboration between two leading AT&T partners.

Global CXO Study 2020:
The Future of the Secure Office Anywhere

1,000 C-level execs, across 3 continents were surveyed to analyze the impact
of COVID-19 on their organizations’ dynamically changing security concerns.